Character; Beren, Benjamin (Animation)


Title: Character; Beren
Name: Benjamin
Country: South Africa
Software: 3ds Max 6

hey guys and gals this is what i’ve been working on for some time now so I hope you like it. It’s pretty much finished but crits and comments are always welcome. I will be posting a new still image of him sometime at a later stage.

Here’s links for my animations that i’ve done, a run and sword chop animation. Very basic but just more like tests for the final animations.

Beren Running Animation (Quicktime)

Beren Running Animation (Divx)

Beren Sword Animation (Quicktime)

Beren Sword Animation (Divx)



Awsome stuff, man. I love the floral elements in the armor.



love the armor, great job


Hey Froogle!

It really looks fantastic.

The animation quality is top notch as usual. Its nice that you chose such a fresh character design idea instead of going for something more stereotypical, but I think you pulled it off really well.

I like the ceramic quality of the armour. Kickass.

Chop :smiley:




Thanks for the response. I am going to do a proper still of him soon so look out for it.


Very nice stuff. Almost a FF quality (in a good way :slight_smile: ).

Its amazing how many fantastic artists SA has to offer!


So much good stuff coming out on cgtalk these days. When do I get the time to pick up my jaw? No one cares about the jaw? its there on the floor all smashed up n shait…

Great work!!!


:applause: YAY!!! you finaly got to post this sweet wotk Benj… post some wires.

This is lovely. Really quite unique as Speve-O mentioned…

Love the animations… you rock, but what’s new? :thumbsup:

Someone plug this for the from page… :smiley:


The model is so nicelly well done. Love the animations to.


Ok here’s some wires for you. Hope you find them useful. I’m going to be working on the final still image of him soon.

Cool, so that’s the wires for now.


sweet thanks…


superb modeling, texturing and very very nice animation

you´re pro (at least to me)

what are you plan to do with him?


Thanks mimo8 :slight_smile:

It’s for a mini series that i want to do and hopefully get an animation company involved to produce it cause i definately won’t be able to do it by myself. Just for now i’m going to have him fight a mech that my friend Corlen designed. If you want to check out the Mechs WIP, go visit my site and you can see what it looks like so far.

When i’ve modelled more of the mech then i will post it up in the WIP section.


Where in Jozi are ya?


I’m also in JHB. I’m in Kensington near Eastgate, you?


really good job I love it nice details and style, sweet :thumbsup: , what did u used to animate the cothes??


Its nice, but I find he looks like hes playing tennis on the sword swing


Thanks, the details was a painful and tedious task. I would love to take credit for the cloth sims, but my friend Henk actually helped me out with it. I just tweaked it after he did the original settings. Here’s his site:


Whoops, i didn’t even answer your Question :eek:

Havoks Reactor was used for the cloth sims.


thanks! I always forget about the reactor’s tools haha
anyway great job and nice link too :thumbsup: