character. Beatrice


queen of sea dogs :wink:


Lovely girl and beautiful colors!
nice work!! :thumbsup:


I would be her “puppy” any day! :wink:
Nice piece, bright soft colours and I like the way you “framed” the picture with the vegetation.


Lovely lovely picture. Great colours and lighting. The orange clouds are a nice touch. Everything in this picture is great. :love:


This is fantastic. I love hot women and pirates…put the two together and I’ve got myself a new wallpaper! I don’t normally reply to posts in the gallery forum, but I noticed this thread fading down the page and wanted to bump it back up. More people should see this. Great job. :thumbsup:


very nice, i like the feel to it. :thumbsup: good job.


this is very nice! i really like the softness of it. the atmospheric perspective is handled nicely. Her face reminds me of someone, some actress or celebrity, but i can’t place it yet.





Goddam…this artistic subject never gets old. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but you still captured something about the situation which makes it feel more beleivable and hence nourishes our hopeful natures of one day running into such a creature.
I think it’s the Island, you didn’t go for the perfectly green and slick palm leaves and lean vector curved blades of grass. So that gives credibility to the scene. Also her vague look and subdued smile are as if she was tired after a long and hot day of sailing. I’d say it was a tiring but quiet day on a pirate ship. It’s refreshing when we’re used to the traditional victoria’s secret model attitude or the tough anime warrior girl stare.
I like.


Absolutely stunning work


Yummy, gotta love readheads


great rendering, nice technique and cool subject matter…but the flat incorrect volumes in the face are totally distracting. if you were to repaint the face with proper volumes, structure and depth, you would have a truly stellar piece here.

thanks for sharing. :beer:


I like it alot, I agree with mehdianim, shes real damn sexy but it looks like she really is a sailor, not a model posing to be a sailor…


Excellent work! The eyes look great!


hot damn, definately agree with this

I love hot women and pirates…put the two together and I’ve got myself a new wallpaper!

very nice indeed

be ha


Hmmmmmmmmmmm … the things i would do to get trapped on that island with a woman like that.

very nice work


Thatz right m8 :thumbsup:. You guyz love em too? :twisted: lol

Nice to see a non-anime character these days. Congrats.


nifty little girl you drawn here. great job.


avas! that’s definitly an awesome piece, and an awesome girl…the cap’n knows skills when he sees it.


sexy girl fantastic colorsvery nice work…