Character: Beast of Burden.


Hey everybody,

I’ve been putting off putting up a new WIP for awhile now, something i’m working on:

here it is, my design…still a ton of work to do.


Latest update of the beast


glad to be able to be the first to post…

Followed the shogun closely, this one is bound for good things…

very interesting face… ugly :slight_smile:

is he going to be pulling or carrying?
someone or something?

skin is goign to look good

keep us posted



Very nice job with the musculature. May I ask how long it took you to model? And also, what method do you use (poly by poly, box model, etc.)? Keep up the great work. The skin test looks great.


update :slight_smile:

I’ll post more info later. I really hate the chain reigns, and might move one of his trophy heads to the rear since the head is feeling crowded a bit … so I think those are going to go…Anyway, more updates tomorrow.


you work is going on wondefully, really good!!


Cool work so far KWAK!

Keep us updated!


lol you used the shogun’s head…nice one…

those details look great man.



How come the hand is much larger than the Head???


brilliant details on the accessories !

really like your bumpmap as well !

go ahead and texture it !

only crit is that one chains crosses the seat on it´s back this is not well placed there if you sit on it :wink:



Looking good. A tail would be cool. But I thought it was bigger.

btw. Have you seen this person. I think they are distant cousins. :smiley:



Fantastic modelling… the details are real nice… how did u model the skulls ?


great work…


ugly pig man
no offence


Oh, man this is sweeet. I wanna see this textured!




Hey everybody,

Thanks for the comments.

I really hate this model a ton, and I’ve got a ton of work to do on it.

Bigbad - lol, he does look like Alf. How big did you think he was?
Raul - yes, it is a very ugly pig :thumbsup:
Kryoboy - I’ll start texturing mid this week.


Don’t hate it, it’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what kind of character would ride such an animal!


KWAK you hate everything… You better finish this thing up so you can get to the rider… and they better let me back in the damn school so i can smack you upside the head.


I like it!!!Wait for more updates!!!