Character: Bear WIP



This is my first lowpoly modell.


woww … a bear :slight_smile:

hm, it’s almost done, you have few things to fix and you can begin the texturing process :slight_smile:


Nice, that it is your first model. Do you want use to game?


That’s a sweet little bear! Keep it coming :wink:


Thank you for your comments! Yes, I make this modell for a game, that under construction.


Whats this game going to be about or is it a secret?


I work on a bear model myself. Just for fun.

Well it has a cartoonish look. But make the legs on the back bigger. And the butt area bigger too.

Keep up the work.


This game is a garage development, can’t tell you more right now.


Hmm your work is inspring me to model a wolf :slight_smile:


The snout where it reaches the side of the eyes, may work better being slightly raised.


Hi Sas!!
I’m glad to see you and the bear :slight_smile:
Looks great… But what about the texture? when will you do it?



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