Character: "Battlestar Galactica" In-Game


Hello all.

Here’s some images of a couple of characters I created for the upcoming PS2, XBOX game “Battlestar Galactica”.

Characters were created in Maya with 3500 polys, textured in Photoshop with one 512x512(body) and one 256x256(face).

Hope to post more work when my site goes live (very soon).

Comments welcome.


  • Eoin.


Excellent work!!:beer:
Looking forward to seeing more


Its about time you posted some work up.

Great stuff. Now post some wireframes :slight_smile:

Fair play to ya. :applause:

  • John


Shoddy work Eoin :stuck_out_tongue:
But honestly, you already know I think they’re awesome! Great modelling and excellent textures! Nice one.



caN BE more solit…
greet work!

:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:


Excellent work Eoin!!

I am in awe at your mad skills

Solid work there for me to drool over :drool:

Yeah how about we get to see some wireframes or t-pages like what all the other folk do here.

Very Well done.



thanks for the comments guys.

Its good to get a bit of feedback on some work :hmm:

I’ve put a few playblasts of “Adama” (the main character/pilot) up, this was the first character I modelled for Battlestar.
Also a quick speech test for Iphigena (Adama’s love interest) not the actual voice used for the game (just having a bit of fun!)

I’ll post some meshes for you now Hom, just need to dig them out.



WOW. Very high quality stuff there. i wasnt interested in the game untill i saw these, now i am looking forward to seeing the site when it goes up and how everything pregresses. looking forward to your next pose.

Really like them, the only criticism i could find after a long time trying is the corners of the mouth on the blond are maybe a little too sharp (happens all to often on low and high poly, the guy for example looks fantastic there and more realistic, for some reason most people seem to leave out the muscle that purses the lip), but they are all excelent peices of work.



Hey nice work man, some solid modeling and texturing.

Though one query isn’t this work covered by copyright or something until the games release?


i too was wondering about the NDA on these images. Since, I myself signed one for a company, that says “no images or models shall be displayed”
just wondering how you are allowed to do this? if the games not out yet.

edit:…ooops forgot to plug. Fantastic models, great anatomy, and textures are amazing. Looking forward to see this. Ive been watching the previews on IGN on this title :wink:


:buttrock: superB:beer:

when is the game coming up??

just curious… is ps2 better or xbox???


Boyackah! Really nice work man. Espessially the girl, really sweet looking =] I hope to see more from you soon.

How about some wire and textures? =]



Hi all,

Here’s a few wire frames for you and some texture pages as requested.

Yeah Tpe as far as the mouth goes it could do with a little extra detail but I wasn’t too concerned as she never appears without her helmet (I didn’t bother looking into polishing the hair off for this reason, …lazy I know :o)

Yeah the meshes are fairly simple (…my new meshes are a bit cleaner) I wasn’t to concerned keeping them to quads as they would be getting triangulated anyway.

I’ve got more BS stuff but Ive got to sort it out, it will definitely be up on my site (…must get site finished)

anyway have a good weekend all,



Those are really clean, you made good use of the polys you had.

Good job on the textures too.

I made a Battlestar Galactica character too, for the comic from what I understand.

Anyway, keep up the good work.




great job, these are very nice, the guys face is my fave, i dig his boots too. :surprised


Love the animations:thumbsup:
Mocap or keyframed?


Adama’s animation is mo caped (had to travel to london for a few days to shoot it all)
Ifi’s is just “blend shapes” in maya.
I’ve got some more clips but I gotta compress them before I post.
If not I’ll bang them on my site as soon as.

cheers for the feedback :hmm:




lovely mesh, Uber clean!

Can’t wait to check more of your stuff out Eoin!



Hey Dude this stuff rocks. Nice proportions in the
female character and the MAgus dude looks like a real
badass. Well done , I look forward to more of your work.