Character - BattleMage


OK guys it has been a freaking lifetime since i have posted somthing on here, so here we go this is a battlemage i am working on right now don’t mind the head it is just a place holder, i am working on the neck down.




Little update added the arms and tweeked the back and shoulders a bit.




Looks great at the moment! I’m looking forward to see this model finished.
Keep it up! :slight_smile:


i like the stylized anatomy, but i think your edges could follow the shape of the muscles a bit more. what’s with these ‘sort of’ wireframe images?


it is just to give you a sense of the wires…i will post some real wires when i get a chance, it is easier this way…

what do you mean about folowing the anatomy??



the trick to create realistics muscles is to make your edge following the same direction as te muscular fiber. And try to make quad poly instead of try… Excuse my english …


Looking pretty cool, buddy. I will second the whole wire flow thing, although, we can’t really judge your wires off of a texture, so I’ll wait before making hard comments on it. As for the quads vs. tris thing, it’s more for smoothing groups than anything else, so if you need to have a tri or two in the mesh, it’s not the end of the world (if it was, the video game industry would be dead). Nice ta see ya again, bud…I need to get back to work on my modeling too…


Hey guys if you wanna look up you can see an update on the wires, i posted some new wires…i am not sure how to do the rendered kind, i have always done a print screen style, is there another way?



Ok guys just a little update i worked on the wire flow a little better and got the pecs down tell me what you think, oh yeah the arms were a little long :o



The proportions dont quite seem correct, you need to look at good anatomy reference. The chest seems to be too long…and generally the muscles are not quite accurate. The last update is looking a lot better though…keep working.


Hahaha All the times i looked at it and never noticed…here is a little update


So in my little hiatious i decided to rework my body a little here, hope everyone likes this a bit more! I also started on the head…



Little update on the head, does anyone see this body as being boxy?



Coming out well…his butt’s a bit large and missing a tailbone from what I can see, it looks like it just goes straight into spinage. spinage…it’s a word…no, really, it is. …stop looking at me like that.


The crease on the underside of the pecks is a bit severe and his ass looks like its trying to fly away :slight_smile:

Good start though bud


Thanks guys, i will work on the body problems in a bit for now i am going to get this head finished :slight_smile: I like the other one because of the stylized look too but i felt a little more realistic looks was better. Thank you for the response…

Update on the head


You may want to shape the nostril openings so they aren’t so…I dunno…just so. Give 'em some form and thickness around the insides. The lower eyelid may pinch inward a bit too much but then again, that could be the angle. Kudos, Rych.


he’s got no eyelids…


Ok worked out the nostril problem hopefully they look better!
Update on the head


Ok guys a little update for you, and a finished head

:cool: :smiley: