character - BARGOL


hi i’m gabriel from germany…
this is my first post…

please don’t mind my English (very bad, sorry)

i start my modeling since 1 year…
it’s only freestyle-modeling (no concept)

what do you think???
do you have any tips, critics 4 me???

plz click 2 enlarge




I want some of your skills, man :drool:


The muscles aren’t very realistic, but it is a nice looking model. :thumbsup:


Awesome model.

I’m relatively new to high polygon, but what method did you use? Did you start by the eyes and then expanded from there, or did you box modeled it?



Dude you got skills…I can tell…and style…which is even more important trust me…!!!:thumbsup:
Nice Work~



Earthen Marine


But please change the shoeZ:wise: …they do take away for this model…don’t realy fit


looking a bit more…shorten up the third finger…puposed to be pinky finger but looks longer than the index…


thx @ all :smiley:

i use only boxmodeling (in the moment)

the shoes are only a idea!! :slight_smile:

here a mini-update

here also some other stuff



Great Model, freestyle or not! has comic book proportions which suit nice.



Hi buddy !!

I 'm glad you put this mod in a thread 'cause he deserve that !! :cool:
Still great and still good style !!

The cloth is really nice and about the shoes thing I guess that in the first images He didn’t have any cloth except the shoes…so that 's why it was weird but now he’s all dress up I think they’re fine :slight_smile:

Still GG hope to see more soon…



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