Character: Barbarian


Created start to finish in Zbrush 2.0. This is my first piece in Zbrush, besides all the tutorial stuff I did to learn at least a small part of the program.

The links below point to the main pic along with wireframes and some WIP pics. Any critiques on modeling and contrast between the character and background would be nice - hell, any critiques at all are very appreciated. :slight_smile:



good work, was the mountain made in the photoshop?


The mountains were created in Zbrush by deforming a 3D plane into a mountain shape and then using various brushes and Alphas in Zbrush to create the texture. Thanks for the reply.


Very nice. A friendly barbarian after all :slight_smile:
And your first piece with ZB? :applause:


Neat piece of artwork!! :thumbsup:


Very good… 100X better then I can do, but the first render you posted looks very 2D . Kind of like different 2D layers stacked on top of eachother. (like south park).


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