Character: Azreal


Here’s a character I’ve been working on last couple of days.
Its around 4000 triangles so far, the limit is 5000. I’m still going to develop the hair a bit more, but modeling is essentially finished. It’s going to be used in renderware, so if anyone sees anything that may display strangely tell me now. :thumbsup: Anyway here it is:


wow looks awsome! i love the props. can you give us a wire closeup from the hands?


yes , really good model, and a great character design :thumbsup:


Jon your modeling skills are really coming along. I think you have really progressed in that aspect. Like to see how your texture skills are coming along.


Wow dude. Cool model, the topology is very dynamic. I cant wait to see the textures.


great mesh m8 … very stylish


Looks pretty cool. Nice style you’ve got going. It might just be me but the middle finger looks massive, if its meant to be 2 fingers it doesn’t really look like it yet. I’ll wait 'til its textured I suppose.


Here are some head shots. . .

Ingurum: Here you go:

Mormegil, LeeSalo, Prs-Phil: Thx!

jeffro: textures are going to be fun. :smiley:

Oldbean: Out of the entire model the hands are what I liked the most. :stuck_out_tongue: The middle finger is both the ring and middle fingers combined. It should be pretty easy to read once the texture is slapped on.


wow well on the first pic u posted i didnt see that details. really cool moddeling, clean mesh, efficent poly use. great!


I see it better now. I guess I was expecting there to be something seperating the 2 fingers, like an indent or something. The hands do look cool though, especially the thumb, and I love how you modelled the chin. You’ve defined it really well with so few polys. Good job :thumbsup:


man that looks cool, can you post the concept art i wana see it, it looks cool.
unless your good eonough to model this from scratch, if so WOW :eek: your awsome.

good job. :thumbsup:


Here’s the sketch I made while playing around with concept. . . .


This is an awesome model. I love the style, and the topology looks great. I like how you handled the crotch area (no jokes, please), and the poly distribution is great. The hair looks really cool. :slight_smile: The only thing I could spot off the bat was the cape thing, that could probably use more subdivisions, for animation/posing purposes.

As for the hands, I actually loved how you pulled them off (one of the first things I noticed, actually).


The “cape” is a trench coat that will be thrown off screen in the intro animation for this character. Since it will only be on the screen for about 20 seconds there is really no reason to spend a lot of polys on it. As it is there are enough subdivisions for the animations I have planned. I don’t think I mentioned this but its for a fighting game. Personally I wouldn’t have added the trench coat (quite sick of making characters with them), but it was in the design docs so what can you do. Thanks for all the great replies.


Gotcha, I wasn’t sure if it would need much animation.

When you mentioned the tossing of the trench coat, I figured as much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait to see this one textured, rigged and posed. :slight_smile:


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