Character: Average Guy


this is for an art test. 1500 for the body, 1500 for the head. Grand total: 2858 triangles. Other specs: must have vest and sleeveless under shirt. Face must be for facial animation. Must have boots and loose fit pants. Must look like an average guy on the street. WA-la

Crits please and make them as hard as you like


Damn good poly usage - especially on the arms, and a nice overall feel to it.
He doesnt really strike me as a normal guy though - he looks a bit military ish, or like he should be in a fighting game. Maybe the textures will change that.


Andy: I know, I can totally see how he looks like he’s in the military, but with the specs for the test I couldn’t think of another way to make him. I looked at a ton of Fashion web sites looking at stylish vests that the average guy would wear, but i couldn’t find any thing cool enough. Thanks for the crit.



Ok, I really like this. Very good definition on the arms. Things that are making him look military are the haircut, boots and jacket but like you say, that was in the brief. Without the glasses he looks more “average”. Textured and rigged he would look more natural, I think the stance adds allot to a military feel. I’ve never seen a guy wear those boots in the street, certainly not with his bottoms going into them like that anyway.


eh, he does look very military for a guy off the street, but america is pretty crazy like that :smiley:
i like it! does look a lot like duke nukem or clark from king of fighters. the main factors that make it look military are the vest & the tuck of the bottom of the pants into the boots. those aren’t necessarily ‘fashionable’ these days unless you shop military surplus lol if the pants were to maybe hang out of the boots normal, i think he’d look a lot more normal. the only stipulations were that he had to have boots & loose fitting pants, right?



Very nice! I get the feeling every vertex on his body is working exactly how you want :slight_smile:
The form looks pretty flawless to me, with the goatee/hairstyle, why not add some peircings? Like an ear ring or two? That would make him look a little less clean cut military, also I think the texture is really going to bring this guy home. Can’t wait to see what you do! Good work my friend!


it’s the hair and pants! The pants are military like, tucked in boots and just… militaryish. The pockets seem too big, too.


my only crit is some of the face geometry - his lips seem more like baby-lips than man-lips, and the brow ridge is a little over-done i think. other than that, very solid anatomy, particularly the spacing and shape of the eyes.


heh reminds me of that duke nukem guy. good work


This is my first go with realistic human face. It’s a pain. I’ve been at it for 12 hours. So far everything has been made in photoshop. I need a SERIOUS CRIT on this one. Please go into great deatil. Hair is not finished.


yeah looks quite cool, really nice modelling.

the face now seems to me a bit strange, think somethings with the lips…

keep it up!



get the eyebrows updated thay make him look to cartoony

put some inperfectsion on the sking look gr8 so far tho :smiley:


hm the modeling is good but the guy looks a bit like Elvis :slight_smile:

The whole texture just looks to cartooney, not enough contrast to the skin either. The nose looks like he has a really bad cold.

It´s not bad or anything, it is going the right way so keep it up.

Could you also post the shots with a 100% self ilu next time.


I think the eyes are a tad too close together. There should be one eye length between them and I think it’s a squeeze for that. The small top lip looks akward as well. That could just be a texture fix though. The nose ridge is too wide. It should not be the same width as the nostrils are. The ears are a bit low and too small. I think the proportions need to be tweaked a bit overall. Use some reference pics to help out with that. Right now the texture is just too monochromatic. I would start working in some colors with it. But it’s coming along man, just needs some more work.


well man, that are many points, but dont think were dizzing you, right :smiley:


Nice texturing, but he looks really camp!

The shape and glossy look of his lip is to blame methinks.


I think you should consider re-doing the forehead, the lump-type-thing where the eye brow is goes too far up the forehead IMO. Also, you can see the seam where the texture is tiled pretty clearly on the top half of the face. I think the eyes need to be made a bit bigger, then moved slightly further apart. The wrinkles/creases on the forehead look a little weird. The mouth looks a little small too and the lips look weird from the front view (the top one looks really thin) but I think thats just how they were modelled. The bottom half of the face looks good except maybe that the stubble looks a little blurred and the nose could be defined a little more, it looks like it blends into the face a little too much from the front view. Other than that it looks good, the skin tones look pretty realistic to me, its much better than I could do :sad: .


The model looks pretty decent. I kind of like the pants in the boots: reminds me of WWII infantry style.

The arms seem a bit short as they are. I think lengthening them a bit will help.

At the moment it’s slightly tricky to judge the texturing on the whole with the hair parts left flat- it offsets the rest a bit. But here goes:

On the whole the texturing is pretty good, but seems to suffer from being a bit too over saturated in areas (reminds me a bit of your cartoon work): the eyes and lips.

Add more variation to the white of the eyes. They are too stark at the moment. Possibly make the pupil and iris larger as well and desaturate the iris a bit. You can possibly ad a bit of fake shadow to the top area of the eyeball as well to add a bit more depth.

The shape of the lips seems a bit too stiff and puckered. Possibly widen them a bit and thicken the bottom lip- it looks a bit too thin from the side. The texture also seems too seperate from the rest, and seems a bit like he is wearing lipstick.

Other than thit it seems quite solid, and a bit too early to really judge. I guess you just need to try and avoid over saturating things. Going from one style to another can be tough but will also broaden your skill set and from what I’ve seen with you other work the texturing should be killer. :thumbsup:

hope this helps some… I’ll keep my eyes open for further updates, shout if you need more help… :slight_smile:


mouth better?


your eyes were kinda freakin me out a bit. He looked kinda scared and the whites of the eyes were a bit too white, so I made a few tiny adjustments. Hope you dont mind. I only messed with the eyes btw.