Character - Attach to cloth object - Surface Deformer


Hey was hoping to get a little help with cloth problems. I have a character where the dress is calculated as standard with cloth tag and priority “Generators 100”
It works well and sticks to belted object, but when I try to attach items to the dress using a surface deformer and another object with a cloner they both lag about 1 frame behind.

I thought this was a priority issue, and they can indeed be stuck to the dress if you change the cloth priority to an expression one, but then the dress lags behind the body mesh.
Pulling my hair out trying to figure out the hierarchy and priorities.

C4D file can be downloaded here



Actually ignore, think I’ve figured it out.

-Character mesh
-Dress with pirority changed to Gen -1 to match skin
-Items attached to dress with surface deformer.


Ugh, actually no, that doesn’t seem to work, updated file if anyone can help?



Unfortunately, this seems to be a typical situation where the priority system of cinema falls short.
What you can do is cache the cloth simulation, with priority at gen+1 ,with the subdivision mesh disabled (…sigh).
Then set the priority to gen-1, enable the subd again. Then the cloner, the constraint and the surface deformer should work.


Hey, great that seems to work, thanks! I agree, slightly annoying process to have to go through.