Character: Assassin


Hey all,

This is a character I am working on, I have built a bone structure and rigged it, but I haven’t skinned it yet.

I have yet to model the clothes properly (like the shirt and pants sleeves etc.) then I will dive into the skinning part - urgh!

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Also any advice or tips on skinning would be great. :slight_smile: <- PICS R HERE


cant see the images :shrug:


Haha nice… funny character

Is he a ninja? Cos with the mask he reminds me of a ninja except the gun. His eyes are a bit too shiny it’s got too much reflection, but it’s a wip right.


It’s a funny Character!!! But in my opinion the weapon looks too real. It should be “more cartoonish”


This looks incredible. I love the cartoony style, but, if that is what your going for then I think the gun is a bit too real.

Anyway, it looks great and I can’t wait to see more.



I have relinked the pics

I agree about the gun (it was modeled for another project) but I think once the character is finished being modeled and has a nice detailed texture it will work.

If it doesn’t work at the end I will change the gun:)


thats better… :slight_smile: well its cute and cartoony, texture it and id love to see it in an animation


Lok weri nice …keep going


I like the model overall, it has a lot of character. The only thing I don’t like are the shoes and the way he stands, maybe move the feet a bit more outwards?



Thanks all.

His feet are in that position because he was modeled like that for rigging. Once he is skinned and textured i will be animating him.

Update soon

Stay tuned we will be right back:thumbsup:


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