[character] army bot


some of you might rem this from a while ago but it was a jcb construction bot
well i decided its about time i added more detail and gave him another purpose , im still adding detail to the textures and to the bot, then i shall crack on with a scene


Yo yo yo dd,

Looks pretty nice. Just a personal preference, I’d add lots of rust and scars to the body…other than that, it’s pretty hot :slight_smile:



Looks cool!


testing the rendering of it, i will be scaring up the body and adding more details, so stay tuned


small update


Hey there. Its cool, the only thing I can think of right now is the tiling of the ground texture. Other than that, too hot for me to think and give any useful crit :wink:


Hey! Pretty Cool! :thumbsup:

though imo it needs a few more guns :smiley: (everything needs more guns :rolleyes: hehe )


yeah he will be holding a large gun will walking the fence protecting it from bad ppl :slight_smile: and it will be a BIG gun


If I was going to be killed, I’d like it to be done by something cool looking like this.

Only crits would be the lighting, AO that guy, brighten the tracks up to show the detail, and give the background a few more random features like rubbish, grease marks, condom wrappers etc.


i really like the whole thing.

what do you use to render to create this outdoor atmosphere??? use multiple lights with raytrace ? with GI???:slight_smile:


testing some lighting

thanks for the comments guys


messing around with the lighting and scene now, well for a bit


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