Character: Armored Swordsman


Hey all! This is a character I think I am finished with, but I thought I would go ahead and post it here to see what you all think. I did the model nearly a year ago, and now that I have more free time I thought I would finish him up. His polycount 1962, with a 512x512 Map for the body, and 256x256 for Sword and Sheath. Hope you all like him, C&C are very much appreciated.

UV Maps



looks pretty good. i gotta be honest something about the head looks a little weird but i honestly can’t put my finger on it. the body looks a little stubby too. but it’s really nice in a stylized way. the textures are awesome. good job


I think maybe there’s not enough mass to the top of the head. Tough call really, but you’re right, something seems a little off on it. I like the armor, different from what I normally see for these kinds of characters. 2 fingers was an interesting way to go. Sword doesn’t seem to fit him tho, I think the texture of the blade is a little offputting how is sort of alternates light and dark along it. Good stuff tho! The form of the guy is nice :slight_smile:


i like the armour. i agree with ill_logic and skeen that the head needs a bit more mass on the top.

great stuff though!


I think you can work more on the skin (add some fake specular, more contrasted perhaps)

Btw, like the others, I like a lot the armor :slight_smile:


Interesting… brings to mind of the Final Fantasy Tactic’s figure style.

The forearms seem significantly longer than normal proportions compared to the upper arm.


i think the same applies to the boots as well. There’s a lot of mass in his extreme appendages; this could make his head feel a bit off too.

I somewhat disagree about the armor. I like the concept behind it, but the tex is just a little busy for me. The green folds in his upper leg are everywhere and i can’t seem to find what parts of the armor are pushing and pulling the cloth around.

the pad/sole under his feet is a nice idea, it just may be too large for the shoe. The outline for the shoe also has a bad angle in the rear view (may be unavoidable though with the poly count).

Great job though, with just 2000 polys and 768X768 worth of texture!

keep it up!



Thanks for the feedback everyone. You’re suggestions are helping out… I feel I still have some thinks to alter based on some of the things said here… but here is an update to some of the stuff I have fixed.


The skin is looking much richer, nice. Head still bugging me, but I don’t think you changed it. He just looks kind of like a conehead. A very slight one, but…


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