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Hi all

This is my current finished reel for character animation. I’m not only interested in your thoughts on how it came out, but also what you think might be missing. I’m very interested in getting a job in some form of animation, though I’d do just about anything, and I’m wondering if any of you pros out there have any suggestions for things I should add to make my finding a job more likely. Thanks for any feedback in advance. I apprecaite it. You can see the reel (Quicktime MPEG4) at



I like it very much! :slight_smile: Not sure if I have any crits on it, but I really like your animation work … the blending between animations is great.


that’s some real sweet work there :thumbsup: great low res models they look really good,
keep up the great work :applause:


I think your “Test” shots are the best on the reel. I’m not sure why you tacked that alien animation onto the end of it. In my opinion, it’s not as good as your other stuff and doesn’t need to be included. Also, I’m not so sure that showing the model construction is completely necessary, but then again, I’m not sure what you’re making the reel for.


cool demo reel, I like the animation its very good!


Good stuff. I like the acrobatic stuff the most. The only thing that I would really have to say about it is the weight in the beginning looks a bit rough (with the stone), you can defenitely tell that it’s heavy, but maybe a bit more struggling, shaking and more pausing would emphasize the weight a bit more. Keep it up.

-Nick Whitmire


I’ve had some experience with demoreels lately, cause we were hiring 3d-freelancers for a projekt;
–>hope you don’t mind this little tip:
The name of your demoreel-file should always contain your first and last name (and the date if you want). If it’s only called, it’s very likely to get lost among the huge pile of reels a company gets when offering a 3d-job!!

Good Work, by the way :slight_smile:


nice reel overall man… shows that you can do basic modeling and animation…

About your reel: i agree with Andini regarding what he said about you adding the model construction clip
if you want to add it, then put it after the alien clip because most of your stuff is animation
I think basic rule of thumb is put on your reel whatever it is that you’re applying for
if its modeling, put modeling stuff on there, if its animation put animation, etc
check out other people’s reels on this website (make sure to check the ones that have 5 stars next to them) :stuck_out_tongue:

About your aimation: I think you get very creative and funny with your animation, I especially liked when the knight finally walked off and gave up on the golem. However, like mayazeus said, I think your animations lack weight and overlap and hence “realism” (whatever that is) and because of that your animations seem a bit stiff

But It looks like you’ve got the basics down, so just practice practice practice practice!

But ye, good job overall
also I liked how you started your real with that dragon like creature and the tv screen


First off all the “title” screens get rid of them, I can guarantee you that someone watching your reel isn’t going to care what you call the scenes they are just going to want to see the animation, those things just drove me crazy…its ok for the “Model Construction” because you are changing what you are showing at that point…

Animation wise you really need to work on your anticipation, follow-thru, and weight (that is a big issue)…also the stiffness you are getting is we can see every key you have set, you need to work on smoothing your animation (you do adjust your curves right?). You really need to losen up the characters also, it looks as though you don’t even move the spines of the characters and that really makes them appear stiff and rigid…your characters also seem light as a feather, especially the alien at the end when he/she is doing the cartwheel/flip, bring the arch of that jump up more and pull the character down some on the landing to show the weight it has(follow-thru)…Timing also is an issue I think that if you were to speed up a few of your moves and get that popping from one key to the next out of there that your animation would look pretty good, even without the other things that you need to fix.

You have a great start here and with some work I think you can have a good reel, and I hope you don’t think I was harsh, just trying to be helpful


Hey guys,

Thanks for all the feedback. And don’t worry, I don’t think any of it was harsh, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Last thing I need is a false sense of ability at this point :wink: I’m starting at AnimationMentor in january so hopefully as I go through that I can iron out a lot of fundamentals I’m missing. At this point I haven’t had even a minute of formal art training. I see what you mean about the keyframes being very linear, and actually, now that you mention it, I haven’t really spent a lot of time altering the curves. I think the next step for me is going to be spending more time on each animation overall. Most of them I went over once and that was it, and that just isn’t going to cut it. The rigs for those characters are kind of iffy at the moment, so I may just keep that stuff as my “older” stuff for the end of the reel and start new stuff to really focus on, but I definately appreciate all the feedback. I now have some things to focus on and work at fixing, which is exactly what I was after :slight_smile:



Well good luck, if you were able to get this much going without any training it will be nice to see what you can do after animationmentor…keep us posted


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