character animation


hi everybody
a link to my last work
how do you find it ?

thank you



I just checked out your first animation and it is Flawless. You have totally captured the movement of the primate you used for reference. I would love to see you do more with this character (interacting with environment) because I’m sure it would be brilliant.

I’ll check out the other once our bandwidth opens up a little.

Great work, no complaints.


thank you
in fact i used the dvd ’ the planet of the apes ’
it was my reference for the movement but i would put a human behaviors on the character

that s all


hey man,
good stuff. pretty nice.
i was doing a monkey animation for quite long, but i dint reach even close.
good job yeah.


Nice animation
It is very smooth and they look like real.
Keep up the good work :thumbsup:
But why do you post it @ the flash threah because I suppose that it is 3D


So you"re the one behind those dangerous and fast frahar, really good work.
Ryzom is really a good and original game i wish i had more time to spend on it :wink:
Keep on like that


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