Character Animation updates for Truespace.


Roman (Caligari CEO) posts in the Captain’s Blog about the character animation improvements coming in version 7.5 including some interesting images.

We now have new IK solver working which is fully integrated with physics (including collisions) and we think it will provide amazing animation flexibility for integrating key-frames, physics simulation and procedural animation. We also have skinning and skeleton working with rudimentary IK UI.

Now to my design. For the dark “look” I just changed the color of ground tiles, that is all, I even kept the default lighting. Credit for mesh goes to Carpenter. Small inset on upper left shows how the base IK manipulation should work, the one on the right shows skeleton editing and big picture shows editing of joint limits for hinge joint and ball joint.

I hope you like it, feel free to coment on other threads, the whole idea is to gather your coments and make changes or improvements while we still can.


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