character animation reel - jeff cooperman


so, now that i’m back on the job market, i’d love some feedback on my latest reel


jeff cooperman


Nice modeling of Donkey Shrek and the turtle. I think the unfinished stuff is hurting your reel though, it’s clear you know how to model and rig.


I guess I should have put up a reel breakdown…i pretty much did just the animation on these pieces

the warrior character was done for stormfront studios
for activision, shrek was modelled by matt aldridge, rigged by sean nolan
donkey was modelled by matt butler, rigged by sean nolan
drumming ogre by…forgot who…someone at shaba games, though I did the rigging.
dragon was modelled by pileated pictures, i did the rig and animation
verne was modelled/rigged at Edge of Reality studios
on the mech thing, the big mech was from, and the set by jareth modisette
the rest was me.


Good job Coop. Best of luck to you on your search!


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