Character Animation Reel * its got kittens! *


Hello forum buddies!

 It's been about a year since I've totally updated my demo reel, so I thought I should post it online since it is almost ready to be sent out!


Right click the picture above and “save as” to your computer, OR:


 Critiques and "re-arrangment" suggestions are welcome!


seems like you just posted the image, not the link to the video :frowning:


Did you read what it says UNDER the picture?


LOL takes cucumbers off eyes

zere it iz!

still can’t watch it though :frowning:
anyone know what to do when quicktime says you need additional plugins but they’re not actually available for download? and it doesn’t tell you what you actually need?


Hi Mudokon83,
You have some nice cycles and motion bits. Do you have any story telling charcter acting pieces yoou could show too?


As Sontaran said, you may want to throw in something that shows personality or story. Making something move is one thing, bringing a character or a story to life is something else.
Looks really good so far however. The guy stepping off the box could use a look in the direction before he moves. It’s a pretty big step for a blind movement


Thanks for the critiques guys!

Yeah im rounding out my reel, but I was actually going to put more “physical” action stuff on my reel, rather than “acting” just to gear it towards games instead of film.


looking good mr. brown, keep it up.


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