Character Animation Reel 2010


Hey there everybody.

I did another cut on my animation reel.

Here you can find the link:

Those shots were done during the Sony Imageworks IPAX, animationMentor school, Gobelins summer school and the creature tuition by Rob Hemmings.

Im responsible for all the animations in there.

Comments and crits are really welcome

Rig Credits:

Bishop rig : AnimationMentor
cat rig:
monkey rig : Gobelins




pretty good, pretty good, my favorite skit is the cat animation nice subtle animations there!


Hey Inkman002 thanks a lot. Those realistic animations are pretty hard to do…hehehe :slight_smile: glad you liked it!


:thumbsup: great animation


I enjoyed watching your reel. The monkey was awesome, and the final quote was pretty funny. “… can I just say no?” That was funny.


great. loved the cat stretch when you see the upperarms shake. Very nice detail. Also the monkey swing was nice too. Good job.


Hey Raf, I really love your eyes animation in the last shot. Your reel is very enjoyable and great!! good job!


Hey guys thank you so much for the kind comments.



Hey Raf,

Overall I liked a lot of the work. Here’s the things that struck me on my first viewing.

o … monkey: hands don’t rotate or move at all while gripping the branch, they have full body weight on them so the palm you’d expect to twist.
o … monkey: weight baring arm snaps to full extension on the down-swing, i think it would give more sense of weight if instead is was full extension on the arm reach for the next branch and always some tension in the load baring arm.
o … cat: the double-paw just before the leap is a nice detail but seems a little to forced, i feel like there needs to be more twitch in it?
o … cat: head movement feels stiff, i think maybe the lower part of the neck needs to droop a bit more below the shoulders pre-jump and just in general his looking around seems mechanical
o … cat: i liked his final rest movement, the extra foot thing is something cats always do.
o … printer: his legs and feet as he flies off could maybe use some more stretch/elasticity. in a forced release like that one part of the body drags another so i feel all the way down to the toes you’d have that show.
o … final shot: some of mouth movements seemed a little large, like he was practising his enunciation.

umm, hope those all make sense. thought it was really good work and hope some of that helps or something … only watched it twice so ahhh might need to look at it more to explain myself better heh :smiley:


Hey there axiomatic

Thank you so much for your feedback man.
I will check everything you said.

Thanks again man




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