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Hello everyone
I am a btech comp science graduate. I have done certificate course of Photoshop and Maya. I am interested in pursuing a post graduate degree (character animation) of one year or max 2 year duration.I am currently working on my portfolio and planning to join college in fall 2014. Please suggest me some suitable colleges.

PS: How is VANARTS ? I’ve heard they have a one yr character animation program.


Great this is good ideas! You already completed in computer science, so this is very easy for you.


Thank you for replying,actually I want some suggestions on colleges in which I can apply for 3D character animation course.Preferably a one year course.


Here is My recommendation of colleges,

  1. SCAD
  2. AAU
  3. SVA



I applied to SCAD, AAU SVA and AnimationMentor, Very recently I got accepted into scad 2014 fall! and also waiting for AAU and SVA decision, but my first choice college for Masters in Aniamtion is SCAD, I’m so happy i got in!

I also researched about Animation Mentor, they got good review and their students work awesome, they are no 1 for online animation school. If you are interested in online school then you may take look at it, it worth!



I recommend online schools and courses:

CG Society Workshops
CGTarian Online School


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