Character Animation in Orlando


Im moving to Orlando-FL for six months and looking for an Animation School focused in Character animation and Setup. I already know basics and principles of animation, but not in a specialist grade.

Does someone know a good, and if possible, not too expensive school that meets this??

Thanks a lot!


I forgot to mention that’s 3D Animation.


I don’t think there is one that fits your requirements. Full Sail and Dave School don’t really focus on character animation too much. And a 6 month course at that. Maybe try Animation Mentor? You can do that when you’re in Orlando, and continue afterwards.


you can try Ringling its a 2 hour drive from Orlando


Dude, the student’s art work from the school are really cool! But i think 2 hours per day is impossible, even i get a car, another thing that will be too hard to do there.


Then it sounds like Animation Mentor is really going to be your best bet, or teach yourself with DVDs from the likes of Gnomon or Digital Tutors. None of the options are really “cheap”, but you are pretty limited if you’re stuck in Orlando.


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