Character Animation for critique


Hi everybody!
Here’s a little animation I’m working on - I’d love to get some feedback on it to see how I can improve it. It’s just about the animation, not rendering etc.

Here’s the link - I included frame numbers to make commenting easier:

Looking forward to your thoughts - thanks a lot!


i like it. its short but sweet. the pose’s are strong, and the timing and spacing is fun and peppy. the theme of the animated piece is clever too. i kinda dont like the blue shader though. thats about it.


good timing and nice stylezed walk,very confident,like it…but i dindn´t understand what´s goini on whem he cames foward,??
the last pose is very nice,
good one matte


I agree, the poses are really nice and strong and the weight in the motion is nice too!

The only critique I have, is it isn’t very clear what exactly is going on. So it’s hard to pick out follow through. Maybe it’s a clip that’s part of something bigger that would show what exactly is happening.

Great work though!


i could tell from the first time around that the character was wiping the screen with a window wiper. you could tell that those stain/smudge marks/dirt marks were being wiped off. take a look at it again.

he’s walking by, and all of a sudden, he see’s the window… “which is us looking at him through it” and he rushes over and starts to wipe it clean and clear.


Hi guys,
thanks so much for your great feedback - I’m glad you like the poses and animation!

You’re right, F-Curve_Fiendish, he’s wiping the dirt off the (camera) window. I’m surprised that this doesn’t come across too clearly. Hmm. Maybe I could make bigger, half-transparent dirt-stains so that it is obvious that we look through a dirty window? I’ll think about it. Or maybe add a lens flare zipping across the wiper? Just kidding! ;->

No, it’s not part of a bigger piece, it was just a 2 day commercial job. I then took some more time to refine the animation & would like to put it on my reel once it’s done.

The blue shader was done after the original puppet/figure we got to do the job, and I’m not really too concerned about the look. It’s more important for me to get the animation right!

So, I’ll work on it some more & thanks again for taking the time to comment!!


Nice piece. The story was pretty clear to me (pun intended!). I especially like the walk and the cleaning part. A couple of nitpicks:

I think the shock to rushing forward part looks just a tad off. What I mean is that when he’s stretching from being shocked and he starts running on the spot, his body is facing slightly to his right (frame 78). Then he suddenly changes direction and runs to his left (frame 91). Maybe it would be better if his motion follows from the initial position (i.e. runs forward towards his right) then swerves to stop right up in front of us. Alternatively turn his body slighly left during the stretch-run on the spot if you really love the running-towards-left part. Sorry if I sound confusing.

The other thing is just a framing issue. I think you could push him back slightly when he’s checking his handywork (frame 200 onwards) so that we see his whole body at the end instead of cutting him off at the knees/ankles.

Also that last pose needs a bit of moving hold just before his head moves slightly. It just feels too static for too long (frames 249-264).

They’re very minor niggles actually.
And it’s just my humble opinion.
Hope it helps!


Hi Mahir,
it does help indeed, you got two very good points there.

I agree that the framing is not optimal at the end - I did that on purpose for the commercial job, so that I get around animating his feet again, to save time. But now that I’m taking the time to make it as good as I can, I suppose I pretty much HAVE to do it now. I totally forgot about that, and am glad that you saw it - Thanks! ;->

Your second observation is also very interesting and hasn’t come up before: his direction change when running towards the camera. It never struck me as odd, but now I notice it every time I see it, damn! haha!

I remember that his take-pose looked better when he’s facing slightly to his right, but somehow, although he’s still on the right half of the screen, I don’t seem to have enough room to give him a good arc when running to his right (our left side of the screen). I actually animated it through, but am not too happy with it somehow.
Hmmm. But, you do have a point, it’s a logical error in my animation, so I’ll try to fix it.

Thanks a lot,


Hi guys,

I finally found some time to refine my little animation and hope it to be final now. Do you think it is? Or can you see anything that sticks out like a sore thumb?


Appreciate your feedback!!



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