Character animation - exporting without the rig


Hi, I’m new to animation.
I’ve created an animated character in Mixamo and it is rigged, but I need it exported in fbx without the rig but animated.
I tried Current State to Object, but when I delete bones, my character returns into t-pose.
Is there a way to bake rigged animation?


Where are you sending the fbx to?


Blender and that to Decentraland as glTF


the only way to get character animation out of C4D (or indeed any app) without skeletal animation is via PLA. There should be an option in the timeline to bake to PLA.

I suspect that this will result in a large file though; a key will be baked for every point per frame.


Never used C4D, but Maya and Max can both bake animation to verts, and you can also save just the mesh as an alembic and it will keep the animation without the rig. I’m guessing C4D would also be able to do this, but you’d have to try it out.