Character & Animation: Donnie Yen's pose


Hi!Everyone, I’m from china!
This is my latest work,Donnie Yen’s 3D animation,It’s an action animation and not using motion capture,sounds great,doesn’t it?I hope you’ll like it!


Hey man! very good moves you got there! did it without MoCap!? very impressive!


Nice, very nice, you might want to post some rendered movies too… really amazing modeling, shading, might need some more detail in the texturing, animation is great, nice work, 5 stars for this one!


Superb animation, you got some really nice moves going.
(at least, I THINK, I’m not a martial arts specialist)

Probably the best animation I’ve ever seen without MoCap.
I’m with Derby-Q Salano on the shading part and rendered movies.

Anyway, keep up the good work!


Thanks!The animation is still in progress,I have made it a long time,and I’m a bit tied,but I’ll continue working for you!Thank you! :wavey:


That’s the spirit! I really like martial arts, what sort is this? Thai boxing maybe? I don’t think it’s karate because of the position of the hands during the kick, might be kung-fu, though it would seem a Bruce Lee version then… although Bruce would keep his motions shorter instead of this open and circular… anyway, I’m interested in the animation, could you also post some more detailed shots of the character? Really like the modeling too!


This is very good stuff! :thumbsup:

Looking forward to seeing more from you , i am a huge fan of donnie yen too :smiley:


i love it, especialy when im a guy thats into martial arts! great job

keep up the good work


Wow, that’s amazing! Keep up the great work! I’d love to see more martial arts animations.


Looks really good, Donnie Yen rocks as Wong Fei Hung father in Iron Monkey.

What 3d package you used?


it’s great, how long it took to set up the animation???


Very nice model first off, and the moves are clean and just accurate. One of the best martial arts animations I’ve seen on cgtalk. Well done.



Nicely done 1xin! :thumbsup:

Q: Did you use reference? What kind? Yourself or Donnie Yen?


excelent modelisation and the work on the animation is simply amazing.
You ve had to look a lot of fighting movies :stuck_out_tongue:
Chapeau bas!


Good Job ! :applause:

Btw , The animation reminds me of mortal combat games , the 2d ones :thumbsup:


Hello there,

that is very nice Kung FU action you have. That’s a great model of Donnie (way too underused in Blade II). Can’t really see from the animations but is his mouth morphing? I’d like to see more model shots if that’s possible.



the animation looks great, although it would be nice to see some movies of it instead.


Originally posted by Incrediblah
the animation looks great, although it would be nice to see some movies of it instead.



looks great dude…i have to touch up my anim. skills…



Nice Work!

You may want to over extend his kick in the air. It will help to bring out the dynamic of the animation a little bit more.

Just push the animtion a little bit more.