character animation demo reel


Great job!


Nice animation there :slight_smile: But be careful when you decide to move the camera: you crossed the sight lines in several clips and this can be confusing for the audience.


thanks for all of you and for give from your time.


thank you man but in 1:48 i am not try to show the pull i try to show the weight


hello brother

Great skills in anim, great potential.

I agree with the cameras, some mistakes deserve the reel.


thank you man but in 1:48 i am not try to show the pull i try to show the weight

Oh okay. By the way it was just a suggestion. Do what you feel like is the best Alaa.


Seriously! Great clip choices & animation :smiley: I like the personality you achieved with the faces, and awesome movements.


Really nice reel man. I do agree your lip synch work is a little lacking compared to the rest, but still a marvelous job.
Honestly I thought the strongest part of your reel was your camera work, though , as said before, you may have broken a sight line or two, there was something very organic and real about it.
Really nice job!


Great Reel…Great animation…
Keep it up and Good luck in your next projects.


Hey man nice work, your timing and weight are great for physical stuff.

I would work on your lipsync and dialogue stuff though, your actions seem to hit late on there marks for the lines he delivers and some of the poses arent always so clear, they all kind of float together so its kind of hard to see feel what your trying to portray for the character. Your lipsync for the mouth and expressions are also the same they seem to hit off beat. The mouth shapes need to hit before the phonim they are trying to portray.

Try some some simple change of emotion exercises working from the chest up, so your focusing more on the reactions on the face. Great body stuff, your definetly very talented at dealing with very physical movements.



thank you man and for your advice


thank you my friend


thank my man i really respect your advice.


as the folks said before me you are definitely on the right path :beer: keep it up


thank you man and for pushing me up.


very good animation


FutureBon i m so sorry if my comment was annoying for u , i waas just excited about that animation work , i hope you accept my apology every one !
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Congratulations! Nice reel indeed!


balage & shalabology & zecas
thanks you to much.


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