character animation demo reel


First i want to thank my god for this.

and this is my personal character animation demo reel from 2007-2009 i hoe you like it
all your comment are welcome.
Software i used.
3dsmax&After Effect
you can watch it on vimeo.

note:i am not study in animation mentor but i just re build the character inside_3dsmax


Very nice animation - I liked your reel!


Great work :slight_smile:


sweet man! good job!


Amazing animation man
تـم تصويت لك يا بطل
موفق باذن الله :cool:


really really good reel man !!!
everything is really nice connected and rendering is clean for the eye


i smell it i feel it its around there the real talent the real power , thank u for amusing me and allowing me to watch that marvellious thing


u r on the right path man keep going :arteest:


Very nice. Lots of great subtlety to the animation with out losing the broader movements. I especially liked a lot of your work with the hands.


Awesome!!! I really enjoyed watching your reel. Thank you for sharing :beer:


Your real was just fantastic man


Thank you for sharing this with us. I had one of those smiles on the whole time. You know, that smile you get when something unexpectedly pleasant comes your way and you think to yourself “This is just wonderful!”.



thanks for all of you guys and for your interesting about this.


as I told you man … you are just doing great, so great masha Allah :slight_smile:

just keep it up my dear …


i think that deserves more attention , hey folks we have fantastic work here !


Agreed. This should be plugged. I love the energy and emotion that comes out in your characters. Theres something very unique about your work that brings them alive. Very nice.


vary goooooooooooooooooooood that amazing motion go a head .


nice work my friend
and good luck


Hi thanks for all of you guys and for your support i really appreciate that.


there s no bias but its very unique work , again i am the yeller: come on everybody there s a unique piece of work , come and see and the matter then is up to you