Character: Angelina Jolie


NOTE: At the end of the thread the images are uploaded again n another server!!!

I’ve wanted to make Angelina since started working with 3D. And now finally i poses the knowlege to do so :smiley: Here are some views :wink:



I hope you can tell its her. I’ve worked about 5-6 hours so far :slight_smile:


well i can see the jolie in your model, so you are on the right track. keep going.


Thanks for the kind words. I’ll probably post more progress later today or tomorrow. Btw C&C are welcome


Hmmm no crits, no posts… kinda disparing almost wonna kill myself, but I’m gonna continue posting and modeling and I hope one day :rolleyes: I’ll receive a crit…


I always forget to tell this: the modeli is still not detailed(besides smooth). More cutting will follow :twisted: .


tahts the spirit!

kids these days commiting suicide b/c someone wont type anything about their picture… what is the world coming to.:rolleyes:


Yep. It’s Angellina’s face. :shrug: The lips are perfect. :buttrock:

I wonder what are you gonna do with the modell :slight_smile:


I was thinking of making some fake shots of her ;). Kidding ofcourse.(maybe make a movie with her :twisted: and me :smiley: ). Well check the thread tomorrow as I’ll post more images :slight_smile: Maybe later tonight. :wink:


Some more info I have 120 ref images of her face to work with :wink: and all of her movies with nude shots(gotta make a body eventually :smiley: ). I think that’s usefull info.


Very nice start for your Angelina Jolie model so far Borro! I wish you the best of luck on your model! I can’t wait to see more of its progress on this thread! It’s kind of ironic, since someone else I know is modeling Jolie on another board…lol! Keep up the great work though!


Thanks for the nice words. Btw I also saw the other Angelina thread, bt I can’t see the images :frowning: Today some more updates will come :wink:


Nice start, but it still needs a lot of work. I found something on the web that might perhaps help you improving your model.


Very nice and usefull tutorial, but I’m not using spline ;). Anyway I saw something very useful some detailes in the lips. Thanks for the help and crit. Here’s some wire :wink:
Detailed Wire:

and udetailed

Good luck to you all.
BTW Special thanks to Hwasup Song and his Hulk modeling Video. Helped me alot !!!


Update, update, update, but small. Almost unvisible :stuck_out_tongue: (Look deep into the eyes). I have smoothed the eye area, cuz it looked bit too bumpy. Hope you like it


i believe that u will continue like this, i have seen only one try till now for angelina jolie but it was in Poser so i think yours could be better.
keep going
good work :applause:


Thanks pearl3d. I also believe that I’ll continue like this :stuck_out_tongue: . Can’t wait to see how the body’ll look :smiley:


Ok here’s some more progress :smiley: (I’ve added some more depth to the head :wink: ) and some more minor detailes.


Sorry if I sound a little harsh but I’d say that you should work more and post less. You have a great model so far but post pictures that show an actual evolution.


Ho ho ho look what santa brought you a finished Angelina head ho ho ho.

Ok here’s the finishedhead and now some textures and hair will follow :twisted:

There’s still a lot of work on this head, but I’ll fix it up later on(if it doesn’t look good when I put the texture on).


A little texture test, just to check out how is she going to look with a texture :smiley:
I think it turned out pretty realistical.

Btw don’t look at the side of the head just the facial area :wink: Looks pretty real to me :smiley: :twisted: :eek: