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Hi, here’s something i’m working for a while, just for fun, really only at the beginning, and don’t even see the end of it… but hey, don’t i have some fun! :slight_smile:

Well, It’s being done (that moment exactly!) with 3dmax 6.

Anyway, I’d like to hear your opinion:


The thumbnail doesnt show.
I checked the render but I think its too early to give an opinion.
Its a spine with a head kinda and armor or plating?
Anyways keep up the work and show us some more, so we can see the direction and idea you are aiming at or maybe explain it in detail?


I’ve just added another step, yeh, I know I do it slowly… It’s just that I do it in my free time and will. In a matter of fact the will is the problem, no more free time needed… Oh well, It’s a lot of will-energy consuming. 2-3 hours of work (with no reference or idea of what to do) for the hand.


And here are some focused and isolated areas/objects:


That’s so fun to get in process and share with all of you. All those commets are really encourages me to keep on going. -cough- sarcasm -cough- Well, I know u may have nothing to say… Oh well, here’s another tinny step, he has a butt and those temporary rubber hands… :smiley:


Well, now he really sucks. I hate his fat legs! baaaa… I’ll have to think about an alternative.


OK, After along time i didn’t touch this baby, I decided to take off his legs and arms - I have no will for making them, i’m not good in making textures, f$*k it!! I’m going make it broken! Texture is added with photoshop (a masked overylay layer)! only 2 lights - one from above and skylight - the east solution, yes, i know, but i think it’s pretty cool! (how modest i am).

So here it is, my current version (though, it may lack some good typography):

Any c&c are welcome :slight_smile:


SWeet!! Cant wait for the finally


Since this seems to be based on a human spine, you may want to get some good reference photos in the future. Your spine is put together backwards. I don’t know the technical name for them, but the bumps go on the outside, to the back of the spine. Reference would really help you in future designs. It’s good modeling, you just need to think a bit more before you start modeling.


Hehe, yeh, well, thanks. I thought it’s good for catching the inner cables :smiley:
Well, this project is totaly not planned. Started with 1 bone just for fun and for practicing editpoly, and then i thought, wow man it looks great as a whole spline. I think i’ve checked doing them in the right position as well, but that looked better for me… You know, the inner cables always go inside :wink:


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