Character And Armoured Suit, Pascal Blanché (3D), (3D)


Title: Character And Armoured Suit, Pascal Blanché (3D)

Took me a hell of time to model this one, because …
I plan to sell the model (the girl) on turbosquid!
(Had to be a little less messy as i usually am with modelling )
hope you ll like it folks :beer:
to the people interested in buying my model, send me directly an email here: with CGKITS in the headline
( to help me filtering the mails )
Then tell me if you want to buy the girl, the armored suit or both…
I’ll create a list to let you know when it’s ready


Great work as usual. Front page coming right up. Exaclty how much will you be selling your model for. The only thing that bothers me is, it seems she has a big pakage going on or something in the crotch area. BUt other than that sweet sutff. Peace



thx katon…how much do you have on your account?? :twisted:

well I really dunno actually, I have to check that with the turbosquid gang… But I dont want it to be expensive…
my models are not that perfect :wink:
around $69 or $59 maybe…
oh btw… really cool models on your site :wink:


I´m feeling so small now! Excellent work!:bounce: :bounce:


Thanks pascal,

I would think you could charge more than that for your models, they are nice, but like you said I would not want to charge to much either. anyways I am glad you like my work, my site is a little out dated but o well.
If you get a sec check out this thread I entered the 3d art to part contest, you will see my model on there. Peace



eh eh nice one Dude :slight_smile:
U still have some time to do that??

Nice 2D feeling, personnaly I’d add some contrast in a way, but still the Blanché-s touch :beer:


really cool stuff. A good surprise, I have already seen ur wip on 3Dluvr but the result is really different and better. I like ur line of construction and specificaly the first one in the foreground with the smoke. It cut the pic and add a dynamic effect.

For me it’s ur best and I found the same feeling than ur pirate. My favorite at this time.


5 stars


hey thx alot Xav :slight_smile:
of course, your personnal taste for chicks and big guns doesnt influence your judgment, right? :wink:

@raph: heheh now you know too how it feels with your new born baby hmmm? :smiley:


Dude, you begin to scare me with youre talents here, always good to see youre work man!


Thx Galo :wink:
@katon… now you have mentionned this little anatomic detail… i think you’re right… I know the model, and it doesnt show in another angle… i’l bet it’s a texture prob… ill fix that , thx :wink:


hey! good work as usual but one thing:

the gun iz a bit old fashion SCIFI for me, looks like something between a drill and a hair dryer…
and U know i like BIG GUNS!!!

change this immediately, that’s an order!



5 stars from me … :thumbsup: How is Ubisoft going ?


@oleev: naon chfais cqueu jveu na! et ton robot ca avance, laaa?
@pogonip: Ubisoft is doing good :wink:


ouais ca avancerai plus vite si je passais pas mon temps sur cte prod de …

anyway, its going on… slowly but you’ll soon be able to see a WIP on my reborn website



Amazing work Pascal !!!
Toujours aussi mortel tes images !!!


thats amazing. i love the robot . could you post some close ups of the robot arm? it looks interesting.


Frazetta would not disavow this work. 'Glad to see u’re stil one of his best spiritual sons :slight_smile:


quite nice Pascal, any chance to see an unsmoothed wireframe?


i really like the mobile suite… the hand are real great!
Can we se some more detail of it!


WOW! Pascal rox again!..everytime i look at ur work i feel so impressed about it polishness.Everything is so clear and well balanced.Ur art go far beyond the only skills about modeling and texturing …ecc ecc…
The balance betwen everything is the key…well,this is what i feel…is only my opinion.But…how much time u spend on concept and study of the image before starting model it?
(sorry for my damn bad english!)