Character : anatomy study


hey guys , been awhile since i posted in here but i was looking for some crits on a current model im working on , i had problems with getting the bicep to look like i want it to , if anyone has tips please post, thanks guys

ill post a pic of the back soon.


It look excelent! only problem I see is the eyes, there seems to be a problem in the eyelids. It’s pinched out too much it think. Also the part of the eyes where they are closest to the nose in the tearduct, it looks like the eyelids join too close together. Check out a Refference, it should rap more around the eyeball, even if it is an old person’s skin (heres a refference )
Other then that, it really looks great, its an awsome job and I can’t wait to see more of it!
Hope that helps :thumbsup:


thanks i will try and redo the eyes, also testing out some blendshapes now //


Top stuff mate! were you still not happy with the bicep? cause I can’t see anything to crit about them.

Look forward to seeing the final piece.


started on the legs…very early still…no feet yet either just blocked out , crits welcomed


looks good for me :slight_smile:

waiting for texture and animaition if you can


Coming along nicely.

1 small crit, There seems to be a hard seam running up his back, but thats probably because of the mirror mod. tho right? (i haven’t done a great deal of organic modeling myself)
waiting for another update soon :slight_smile:


To rayfusion: Very good job! I really like it! Nicely done! :slight_smile: Btw: what software did you use? I didn’t notice if you wrote it already, but hey :wink:

Again, very cool and I’m looking fwd to seeing some updates :wink:


the hard seam along is back is due to the mirror…once i merge both sides i go and smooth that crease out , im using softimage:xsi , its very intuitive for organic modeling , ill post update real soon , homework eating up all my time , thanks for the crits/comments guys ,


Looking promising Rayfusion. I’ll give you some more throrough crits when I have some free time.



pretty good for term 2 heber.
things u could work on :

  • the ears are huge. HUGE!
  • he has no ass
  • his neck has vertical creases near the adams apple which u dont need

grab me sometime and i can give u better crits.

overall its really good

3d46 Himanshu


looks very nice. how does it takes u?
not so sure, but IMO his head looks a bit too big.

:slight_smile: go go go bro :slight_smile:


Hey Man!! Good to see a post from ya, u’ve been busy I bet. U’ve improved a lot on your anatomy, great work, coming along very nicely. Most has already been said but here it is: Might wanna reduce the size of the ears and how they connect to the head. Review how the spine crease connects to the butt, and give more volume/weight to butt. The biceps/triceps could be a bit longer. Legs coming along nicely, might wanna review the cavs, that crease looks outta place, but then again I know u’re still workin’ on lower body. And most of all what is that crease running down in the middle of your character!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hehe j/k. very clean mesh, me likes it!


hey guys thanks for all the crits, and dafonz for being very specific .
i fixed the ears, i did not see this before but yeah were too big earlier , also as blacknull said i made the arms a little longer (forearm) and i like them this way , ass was also changed a bit the volume looks ok to me so i dont know if its right at this point. started working out some detail on the legs but having a hard time finding some good reference on what the muscles in that area should look like (thighs), also about to start modeling some hands for this guy , hopefully after that i want to rig him up and try out some blendshapes for muscle deformation. :slight_smile:

(and kol. im looking forward to hearing from you, also where are those pics i asked you for man…hehe… :rolleyes: )


aw fusion, you put me to shame! you truly have become the modelling guru. i wonder if you ever get to talk to reo, and show him your stuff. i think he would be impressed. keep up the sweet work bro, and get some of that animation up here!


The model’s great except his asscrack fuses with his spine, forming some sort of neverending asscrack, lol. That’s the only odd thing I see. The rest of the model looks great. Good job. :wink:


thanks buddy , thinking reo probably moved away or found a new career haha jj , i havent seen any of his stuff around here lately and hes never online , hmm would be cool to get some crits from him.

thanks man , i usually fix this area once the model is merged but yeah i fixed it now his spine and crack dont fuse…hehe good call,

had some time today modeled some hands, i think i want to redo the thumb…that is one thing i can never get right , maybe lack of practice sincei dont model hands that often


hey man thats a nice model for term 2 or 3 ? which ever, its good stuff. The thumb does need some reworking, theres a crease there at the base of it that bugs me, and maby the end is too round and ballon like. I also think you should relook your proportions on the length of the fingers there too. the first section looks to long and the last section looks too short, but it could just be your camera angel and FOV settings that are maby distorting it. Also some “webbing” inbeteen his finger might make that area better too.


ah some good crits , thanks gene , i modeled these hands today and missed some important things, thanks , i got a 2 week break coming up where i hope to finish this guy off and then unwrap and texture him , anyways , i was at your grad and i liked your modeling demo , and your concepts are great too , im term 2 btw, updates on the body soon .


WOW! This is a really cool looking model. I’m quite impressed. I guess just keep on working at it. You seem to know what you need to do.

Great job! Will be back for more updates…