hi all, here is my latest work…drawing ‘n’ coloring with a wacom tablet in photoshop 7
c&c welcome


Nice character design ^^)

There are two things that bug me a bit:

1: The arm right on the picture is misplaced, or you drew the chest too small. Normally in that pose you’d see the breastmuscles sticking out, and the arm also looks thinner than the arm left on the pic.
2: The part of the face right on the pic looks skewed and isn’t the same shape as the part left on the pic.

Hope this helps ^^)


thanks jawine :wink: for ur comments…
i agree with u :thumbsup: !!!"


very nice work!


Nice work, but i dont like the white reflection inside left upper arm.


nice work overall, i like the skin shading a lot.
but the pose and her face look a bit weird imo…

and the design of the swords reminds me of an illustration by Anry, Tyrael Knight


I think the painting is very well done. the only thing is that it is let down by the
draughsmanship. Perhaps the style of drawing does not suit the painting. also not the most original character. But as I said the painting and lighting are excellent, especially on the legs and the left bicep. great work.


It almost looks like she’s tripping, or falling down. Like she swung the swords and missed.


its very nice work…cool

amazing :thumbsup:


My views are - a. I think the feet are a little big? b. The skintone is pretty reddish and the overall paint could need some contrast. c. If I would have drawn it I would add some good rythem in the hair.

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