Character: Alien Fellow


Hi! Just a simply character I’m doing for fun. Whould you care to give me some advice on how to improve it?, specially on the texturing department.
(WARNING: Big images!)

I’m aware of the pinching problems on the elbows and kneeds, but I was aiming for a really simply character and it doesn’t bother me that much… besides, the mesh is already UV-unwrapped, so modifying the model would be an desperate emergency measure.


I don’t think it matters much, but since it is a forum rule: the software used was Blender3D 2.27, texture color map was 100% hand painted on Gimp 1.2.


Well, I’m all for simple models, as it makes the rest of the process easier, but if you are looking for ways to improve this character, modelling might be a good place to start. It wouldn’t have to be anything too extravagant, even if you just accentuated his bug-like characteristics by adding some creases, or spines, or more of a joint at his joints.
If you are absolutely finished with the modelling, (I know we all have to bite the bullet at some point) then texturing could take it a little farther. If you could spare the render time, then you could try a displacement map to make up where modelling left off. Give his skin a little more texture. Aside from that, I would vary his specularity and glossyness a bit more, maybe add a (subtle) bump map that coincides with the markings on him. As for the markings themself, are they totally procedural? It wouldn’t hurt to paint them by hand, or at least add a little more to it that doesn’t seem quite as computer generated. Try playing with color scemes a bit more, too. Especially his face. You could add some more saturated green or blue, to, say, his eyelids or something, just so that his whole body isn’t the same color. His feet shouldn’t look exactly like his head, is what I mean, because he walks with his feet, and talks with his head. So maybe his feet are a little dirtier, and his head tends to catch your attention. That part is for you to figure out. Try putting him in his natural enviorment (whatever you may imagine it to be) and then see how the color/form/texture compliments it.
Hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick answer… believe it or not the texture IS NOT procedural… all those marks are hand painted. The only thing procedural on him is the glitter on the skin, but one can only notice it on animations.

About the color variations… you are 100% right, they aren’t any. :banghead:

I made a really big (2100x2100) animal-print spot pattern and tiled it on various scales… then pasted it on different places of the texture map.


I agree with a lot of what Gilgamesh says, but I think you really need to think about finishing your modeling, don’t even really aproach texturing, yet.

Things you should do (in my opinion):

  1. Naturalise the character. Add a bit of thought as to how his bones and muscles sit under his skin. He is an alien, but he is also a biped, and he’d have similar muscles to humans. Even if you intend a stylised look, he needs a bit more ‘shape’ to him, less rigid lines.

  2. Move his shoulder up

  3. I would highly consider some clothing, or tatoos, or jewelry to make him more interesting. It’s just those kind of details that will make the model work.

I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve drawn on your render to illustrate these points. I’ve worked primarily on his left side, so you can see the difference. Mostly I added some definition, to make his parts seem a little more together.


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