Character: Alien Beast Enemy


Me and another buddy of mine are making the same thing and this post is here for the public to evaluate us. Its a friendly challenge if you will. Below is the concept we are working from. I have added the color for the scheme that i’m going to work with.

SPECS: 500 polys, 128x128 text map.

Concept is done by: Nick Kondo

Another: enemy i did for the same reason is located at:


That looks sweet, I cant wait :wink:


500 triangles


Looks cool… where’s your friends?

nice concept


Looks great, good use of polys, and bang on 500 :applause:

The only problem for me is that it isn’t as true to the concept as I expected. In the concept the creature is very low and heavy looking at the front, and I’m not really getting this from the model. Maybe you could spread the front legs/arms a little more and make the knee/elbow stick out more. Also, the “poison sac” on his back is not as rounded in the concept, and it doesn’t span the creature’s whole back. I think you should try moving some verts round to get it the right effect.

Can’t wait to see some textures and I’m looking forward to seeing how you get that webbed look on the hind legs :thumbsup:


Wow, yet another one, man you bang these out with no problem, I like the Illustration and your models are always clean, I wish you could share some modeling techniques, the Metroid Prime monster was dope and now this one, very clean, I can wait to see the texture on this (your making me work even harder :slight_smile: )


uggly :


OLDBEAN: Good eye and nice crit. Your are 100% correct

MINDROT: My Buddy has not posted here yet, but you can find our work at

THE ROOKIE: While your sleeping somone is getting better than you. That mean work untill you go crazy, become 300 pounds, and ordering a pizza is your excersize because you are too busy and lazy. My secret to modeling:

  1. make a lot of models first.
  3. when you have three points and the point in the middle is not sticking out, delete it.
  4. Triangles are your friend, not everthing has to absolute quads
  5. Do not make anything ANIME. You may like it but the professional world will not hire you on your FF9 character making skills. You will never get a job in Japan.

Here’s my test to you, THE ROOKIE. design a tribal tatoo and make it in 3d. It’s real easy.


i dont know what im doing! HELP ME!


This is my first post on here, im sorta dumb so im having a hard time figuring out how it works, ha.


Thanks YerEvilTwin, I’m actually upset that I even slept last night, I hear you on the anime stuff, loud and clear, I have been given a task thoe, but that will be discussed later in the future, a tribal tattoo… hmm… I can do a flat ass design, but I think I’m going to have to flesh it out better than that, my problem is, I’m still getting use to polys and trying to make them clean, or at least model it clean, I was a Nurbs maniac, until I seen what was being done with polys and how clean they are, and now there machines that can handle them, also I’m using Maya, so learning the tools and techniques has taken a little bit of time, I’ll get there, but the texturing on your model is dope , very clean, I’ll keep watching, and I’ll take you up on the tribal tattoo thing, I have been modeling in quads, which is not a problem but jumping right into tri’s and attempting to model with tri stripping in mind has become a little hard, but I’m figureing it out, it’s just unbelieveable how clean your geometry is and a low count, I have learned to understand the poly limit and how to work in that parimeters, but this is the cleanest I’ve seen so far, especially the Metroid Prime Character/ Monster, I’ll get there


nate whatareyadoin. Crop your images. put them all on a nice 800x600. One with the texture and one with the wire.


Once again pretty dope and pretty clean, are you guys working with the Game Cube in any way form or fashion (Still excellent regardsless)


ha, sorry about the “newbie post” fellas, these “computers” and their “rules”


my color scheme


Ok here it is it’s 7:30 Monday morning, i started this 11:00 sunday morning. Almost 24 hours of strait textureing. I did Stop to watch the Simpsons. I looked at bull frogs and the Predator for reference. Did you know that frogs arn’t green!. I took all of my bullfrog reference and color tested the skin and none of them had green skin. It’s a very drak shade of yellow. I learned somthing. This texture is 100% hand painted with only the finest pixels. WA-LA. Quick, crit it.


Looks cool. You made those bumps/bones/stick-out-things on the back and legs look great, it looks like there’s a lot more geometry there than there is, (hope that made sense). Only problem I can see is that with the texture on the model, the legs seem to blend with the body. I can’t really think of how you can fix this without changing their colour. Maybe you could spread the legs (like I said in my last post :smiley: ). It might be worth a look but its probably just my crappy monitor.


Here they are side by side. I tried to match the sizes up as best i could.

the ol texture switch-a-roo


Looks great for the polycount!

Really nicely painted textures - how on earth do you paint the details betweens seams so accurately? I normally reduce the detail on seams to solid colours :blush:


jep I agree

very good job