Character: AI Queen


Strictly black and white concept

Hi, so I’m going to be coloring one of my concepts for once. Basically for the sake of my portfolio. However, I’m just hoping I could get some help on cloth. Any tutorials on this would be great. Texturing cloth is much much easier than painting it in 2D as I’m learning:(. I’m gonna make this a WIP thread til its finished…and then I’ll link it to the 3D version when i get to that point. It’ll be a 10k poly model. That’ll basically be for CG shorts and what not in the game I’m currently working on. Anyways, I got links below if you want to see the actual ingame models. So far I got 3 done, links to 2 of them are posted below.:wink:
The rest of my team will be posting their finished models soon enough:)

P.S. The giant robo arm on her right will be covered like the left one in the model. It is just shown that way for reference when I I go to model it.

Anyways enjoy:)


Wow, so many responses…glad I posted this. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, here’s the near finished look…not sure on the colors yet I really had to rush the production so I could put this in a time-lapse of sorts showing of my ability to concept, color, etc etc into my demo reel.

I’ll post a the final concept with all the bells and whistles soon enough.




I’ll respond :slight_smile:

I really like the over all design and I think the colors are fine.
I do have a question: are the arms and head connected to the main body or are they floating?


They float. In the other AI designs the idea was the AI’s could swtich shells (bodies) on awhim, plus it makes animation a snap:) the game is RTS as well so the polycount is pretty low too.



Looks pretty cool, where can I find out more about the game?

Id like to see more!


Links to some of the in-game character models are at the bottom with my signature.

Our current team site that we update from time to time is at:
We have a public forum on there that we do read. Our private team one though is where most of the good stuff is:)

We got a great art team right now, but are always on the lookout for excellent artists, and animators. Kick ass 3D programmers are about the #1 thing we need right now but I think every game studio wants one of them.


The posture of your character doesn’t suggest that she’s a Queen.
Now she looks more like a slave to me.
First I thought that she is staying like this because her arms are
very heavy - but even then the position would be different.

Anyway you said the arms float - so, straighten her up!
Rise the chin, move the shoulders back. :slight_smile:
Rotate the palms so that they point forward or at least are parallel to her body.

My suggestions are more related to the animation of the final
character but I think it’s good to have this feel in the concept as well.


:thumbsup: …but what happened to her? I loved the concept. Perhaps her arms are a little bit too weird for my taste but besides that she’s beautyfull.
If you don’t modell her immidiatly…someone else will :smiley:


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