Character: Aggressive Roller


Here’s the start of a rollerblading character I’m working on. I’ll try and post updates often. Any help along the way would be greatly appreciated.


Keep going, post an update :slight_smile:


Here ya go…


hey Matt whats up… its Chris (buster)… nice and clean so far MORE! im startin to do some stuff again… I feel bad for not being constructive with my time


hey sketch , I am a rollerblader and it’s cool 2 see someone do something about it.
Is this model going to be for a game or sometihng like that?
Are you using reference for his style/clothing , and the character itself ?
Oh yeah, if you need any help or refs on anything be quick to let me know.

good luck, sasp

p.s Hello to everyone since this is my first post.


Bustasnipez… hey man. good to hear from you. still at uf? Make sure to post some of your stuff.

sasp… nice to hear from another rollerblader. I used to skate about 6yrs ago and I just recently picked it up again. I find I need something like that in my life to push me.
The model isn’t going to be used for a game… just my reel. I hope to do a few animations with him. That should be a challenge.
I’m sorta using refrence for him while also trying to be creative(such as the over exaggerated brim on the hat). I have tons of refrence for this project… videos(too many), mags(too many) my own skates(remz) and internet. I would appreciate your input throughout this project.

Look for another update soonz


starting to figure out the body. I want to capture the same style that’s in the head…


hey matty you should give him baggier pants and have the tongues stickin’ out and the back of his pants covering the majority of his skates, as well as have one of those key/badge holders hanging out of his pocket. I ‘m guessing that you are going to try and go for more of a urban skater as opposed to a middle aged hipster doofus. Just my 2 cents keep pluggin’ meng…j


I agree… tha pants covering the skates would be cool… damn those are some fat boots! great style as usual… looks kinda gay with the pants tucked in its gay like UF! haha im kidding… yea im still there but only till I use all of my health spending money…(this month)… then I have something else lined up… some kind of woodworking shop with a friend of mine… ill get like 12.50 an hour…not much still, but at least its doing something creative!
you still have the same job?
P.S I posted my latest model the other day… dunno if u saw it its under “Character:Chick”… I’m gonn go model the hair now

#10 for reference


Hey guys. Thanks for all the input. I should have pointed out that I will be doing a lot more with his pants and chest. I just want to get the size right.
I am going to put his jeans over the skates(I might be changing the skates a lot).
Jacob I like the idea of having a chain… I’m probably going to give him headphones as well.

Chris, that job sounds cool. Yeah I’m still doing the same thing.

I’ll have another update soon.


I think it’s starting to look alright.
I like the toon style , with the big skates( and ears :D)
But I don’t like the chain idea , IMO it’s kinda lame.
10 years ago ok, but 2004?
Cool ,you got remz!
Are those remz he is wearing?
Without a doubt one of the best ( and most good looking) skates 2 date!

Waiting 4 updates!


Hey sasp, thanks for your opinions. I’m going to do a varation of the softboat skate(such as remz).


I love this style youve got going on here, I reckon you should give this guy a bag of some sort (HANDBAG xD)


A Handbag???
That’s like 10000X worse than a chain.
I have never seen an aggresive rollerblader wear a handbag.
IMO opinion less is best with this kind of character.
( Seeing rollerbladers everyday that is :smiley: ).


yeah, I’m not gonna give him a handbag. Maybe a skate backpack. Probably just going to leave it pretty simple for animation sake. thanks for the suggestions. Should have an update by the end of today. cheers.


hey bud I didn’t mean a chain wallet, more of a badge holder that you would probs put arounf your neck, but most people put in their pockets, let’s see an update…:slight_smile:


ah, right. maybe I’ll give him a handbag instead!

no updates yet… was too busy enjoying the sun today.


here’s an update… still just trying to get proportions right.


Thanks to a really good crit by Mr Bink I’ve realised how damn stupid my model was looking. I started to go off course. So I deleted his whole body and started over again.

I’ve made him more into what a skater actually looks like. More skinny and baggier clothes. I made his dome thinner and more teen like as well. I like where this version is going… please let me know what you think.