Character: African Maasai Woman (a bit cartoony)


hair looks good…adds something to it :)…perhaps a little to dense, but perhaps only 5-10%, but dont fret, looks better than without for sure.

i actually prefer the head crop rather than the whole image, perhaps its the bloom that im not quite comfortable with on the whole image.


I’d say : with hair and a tweaked skin shader.
Except that, damn good work !


Insanely impressive - lead us all to the final version so we can notify the admins to put it on the front page! (hair is good)


I love your style man. I am utterly impressed with your work. I would love to see a movie or two created with this type of character design. It seems to have more life then most of the realistic 3d I have seen.


beautiful and very genuine! i like the eyes! (the rest too)


Thanks guys,

for those who would like to see the final image (though its nothing new) you can see it here… Finished Gallery

thanks guys :slight_smile:


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