Character: African Maasai Woman (a bit cartoony)


Absolutely Brilliant work! In my opinion, this is front page quality!!!


Good job!! You have a style!!


yo, very nice :smiley:
agree about the soft edges making the piece look beautifull
nice stuff.

[just one question. how come her ears aren’t streatched with the long earings?]


hi mushroom

great modeling indeed.

A few comments - if you are going for a realistic look

her hands (looking at the one holding the staff) are a little small
and the thumb is a little too skinny.
and her feet too.

Her head is not proportional to her body (reduce the size just a little bit)

Her eyes are too big - typical masai eyes are narrow. a result of squinting.

Being from East Africa, it’s rare to find on the plains of Kenya, a face so smooth without a scar, or scratch (however young the person might be) - and eyes lacking veins - there is plenty of dust.

Here are some reference images.


Get her finished and on the front page, Expose 2 while your at it.


crumbs…alot of replys :slight_smile:

to everyone who like it…thanks!!!

Atwooki, thanks for the staff ref. I modeled a staff that looked more like the pics you gave me but it dident look quite right…so I went half way bettween the original and the pics :slight_smile:

StoneR. I tryed (not very hard mind) to put hair on her, the resone Im not going to give her any stuble is because the beads she has around her head…below the beads looked like it does in the render but above the beads it looked darker…it looked a little weird :frowning:

TheGreenGiant, thanks m8 (and thanks for signing my guestbook also!!!). Yes she is posable, but her clothes are not.

Gamoron, thanks, I think the lighting works a little better now.

Clanger, thanks, im hoping to enter her for expose…fingers crossed

thanks again guys,
heres another update, I think this will be more or less the final image. Still at least one thing left to fix.
let me know what you think ?


Looking magnificent, Matt :slight_smile:

I’d check her upper right thumb (where it meets her hand) and watch the possibly repeating texture of the brush in the mid-background; otherwise, top notch stuff :slight_smile:
The ripped fringe of the cloth really helps break up the texture work on the girl’s figure as a whole, also.
Gorgeous eyes and lips…!



Mat as always
Superb job, simply fantastic creation.

Can’t wait.


i already said that a dozen times, absolutely great!!! the cloth is very well done, i also have a stupid question… the key at her neck, what does it opens? :stuck_out_tongue:

the background is just perfect!


Wiz, thanks m8!

Atwooki, Im hoping to fix both hands for the final image…hopefully

MistaT, I have a few pics of maasai and some of them have keys, ring pull, metal washers added to there necklaces, there a nomadic people who collect things thay can use for jewelry :slight_smile:
And thanks for signing my guestbook!!

heres a new test pic…Im playing with the idea of giving her some hair. what do you think, with or withought?


I like her with the hair


very nice. I really like the overall image.


wow looks awesome man, i like the hair as well, maybe not quite so long, and yeah i know its really really short already but it just fills up the top of the head to much imo, making it shorter should make it appear less dense

about your final pose, i noticed in all of the ref pics you posted they all had their teeth showing, like their front teeth are farther foward then normal, this might be something to shoot for, also the overall pose is kinda boring, maybe turn the body to the left )her left) so shes kinda looking back at something

other than that its a great piece


Agree totally with StoneR about the hair issue.
I’d stick to your current pose tho’, if only to catch your deadline, mat :slight_smile:



Well done my friend. Very good image. I also like the stick she’s holding. :slight_smile:

How about giving her a long hair?


I love this picture… It is a really neat model…

Only have one thing to comment… The rings around her neck looks a bit to perfect. One would recon a little wear and tear on rings that are often used. Maybe you should breakup the perfect colours with some slight discolourations and maybe a few missing pebbles…

As for the hair… I cant decide… she looks really nice both ways.


Good work mushroomgod. I know your charactere since the first day you post it and I didnt reply. REally great mix between realistic and cartoon character. I hope you try to send it to expose2


yeah very nice. i think the short hair works. I ve got a book on the Maasai right now, i think u did a good job of capturing one their females.


I like the hair! But also agree that it appears a little too dense.

(I think this is compounded by having gotten used to seeing her bald though! :D)


Excellent !!
I love the style !!! the look, the lips, the clothes…etc
only one crit about the hands: I think they are too small, and the position of the fingers is a bit too much regular…(sorry for bad english)