Character: African Maasai Woman (a bit cartoony)


Looking good.
The texture work is great.


another update…

full figure shot, im thinking that ill do two renders…one showing the detail of the head and another like this.

I know there are probs with the body but I think the main problem at the moment are with her hands, thay look a little claw like at the moment, does anyone agree?

Once im happy with the modeling the I will complete the texturing :slight_smile:

if you spot any probs (no matter how small) let me know, thanks all…

Click For Highres


This is really coming along nicely! Keep us updated!


many thanks for your reference to me! A great honor :slight_smile:

I have no crits here because your work is coming great. Can’t wait to see the final version!

Keep up buddy


beautiful update :slight_smile:
I tried to spot something to crit… and, the only thing that struck me was the hands, as you pointed out yourself… can you post a normal view of them, top/side view? easier to see the mistakes and give crits that way… and the little deformation error at the armpit, but… nothing big, I’m sure it’s temp :slight_smile:


Although I (still) like her hands, the transition from forearm to wrist seems a little square (mostly on her left arm) - plus the position/bend of her fingers suggests that her stick could fall a little forward (if that makes any sense?). The only other hand related issue that sticks out to me is the scale of her thumb by comparison to the ‘meat’ of her palm

Even if you didn’t touch the hands - she would still look completely wonderful…

(I hate you…)


great piece…you really managed to capture the african facial features…rather than look like “a girl model in african clothes” she really looks like she’s from africa. Great stuff :slight_smile: Love the colors in the jewelry as well.

the only crits I can offer are that
A) her belt seems to be a bit high up, but that’s probably just me


B) her feet still look very blocky…most girls feet I know are much more tapered/delicate looking than that…especially since, to me, she looks like a dancer…maybe more work on the arches…she has very flat feet, and I think that’s a big part of what’s making her feet look so squarish…

oh, and as for the hands, they look fine to me…they might look better with more tapering, but as they are now, I certainly don’t think they look “claw-like”…look fine to me.

just my two cents…

other than that, fantastic work, can’t wait to see where you take it :]


I love it! nice simple mesh… hey can I see a wire from the side? im trying to stitch an ear on a character and its driving me nuts…



wow really tturning out great, those beaded things just blow my mind.

great work as usual man, can’t wait to see more.


thanks guys, realy cool to have so much positive feedback!

Antropus, thanks m8, youre tutorials have been a massive help to me!

fella/AJ_23, thanks guys…I havent realy done a great deal to the model…I have fixed a few problems with the hands but im not sure its noticable

mtmtmt, thanks…i havent yet but I will update the feet soon :slight_smile:

PaxtonGerrish, sure here you go
Click for wire

KingMob, thanks m8…realy appreciate you replying

heres and update…

Click For Highres

still very much a wip, the arm looks a little stiff, Ill fix that soon. And the cloth is not textued yet…so it will still look a little different

Im also going to add a few more things to the background, trees, birds and possibly some forground plants/grasses…

anyway, just realy experimenting with backgrounds and colours which do you like the most (A, B or C)?


Amazing work man. I’m really thinking the textures on the clothes will make a subtle, yet very big difference.

Look forward to seeing more. :slight_smile:


wow great model, its really coming along, i’d say go with render C, but add more to the scene, and maybe make it more stylized to fit the character more…


thanks guys…

heres a mini update (very minor realy)…i have decided to go with blue sky and not one like image A because a few people said it looked like mars :slight_smile:

still a few minor texture problems to fix, and a few objects are not smoothed…but you get the idea…

thanks all


Wow…that is incredible…the beads around her neck must have been so tedious!! Can’t wait to see an animation on the front page!:wink:


That is just plain lovely!

I adore the softness/bloom around the edges - it’s really nice! The cloth looks wonderful too…



She’s beautiful!! Awesome Job!


Awesome facial modeling, Mat! (including the wonderful eyes - captured the essence of the east-african sensibility perfectly.



looks amazing mushroomgod! the only thing that i can mention about it it her scalp, even tho it is shaved there should still be a little bit of stubble since im sure they don’t have Mach 3s in africa… hell even with a mach 4 it would be hard to get it to be that close of a shave…


wow. Just wow. One of the best looking 3d humans I have seen - the cartoon look works extremely well and that I believe is a testament to your skill. The crazy amount of work put into making her jewellery is stunning. That’s it I guess. Its amazing. Well done.

One question I do have is that are you modelling her just to be still in that pose or will she be animatable and posable at a later stage?

I like C, the vibrancy of the image works well with the design I think.


Hey mushroomgod. She’s beautiful, young but very wise looking at the same time. On the previous page I like C the best. Maybe B would be more realistic but I’m with theGreenGiant. But for C I think you need bump up the intensity of the that light. Currently doesn’t feel like sunlight to me. That Bead work is insane!

:beer: !