Character: African Maasai Woman (a bit cartoony)


hello all

heres somthing iv been working on for the last few weeks…a cartoony/stylized Maasui woman!

none of the textures are final at this point…im still realy at the modeling stage…and incase youre wondering the stange gold helix things will be part of a necklace.

Hopefully she will look less like a zombie when i give her some eyes with pupils :slight_smile:

let me know what you think, thanks


Did ya watch movie “Baraka”
There is one part in that movie where all womens from some african village (sorry don’t know the name) dance in front row, while mens behind them in sort of like trance state.

There are great traditional (at least it looked to me) african jewelry in that part of scene. So i guess it would serve as a good reference.

Now, on the comment on the piece itself, i think it will turn out great in the end. But if i were you i would change that red piece of cloth, again look at the web for reference.



heres a mini update…
still more jewelry to add

mrfsrf, No havent seen that film, sounds cool though :slight_smile: …the Maasai do use very bright colours, mostly red and blues…but I think youre right, ill tone it down a bit for the next render (and get it looking less like plastic)


very nice, love the colours theme and her accsessories, as well as her features on her face

it seems to me that her armpit area is a little off, could be the view, but i think where her arm mets her torso , just above her breasts, are a little to wide

keep it up though cant wait to see her fully textured


heres a new render with added eyes!

let me know what you think

thanks AnotherHell, ill fix her armpits later


Like it alot. Ive been myself working on a afrikan male head.

Like the key hangning on her neckless.


i like it alot too! :)…very nice…for now, can’t find out anything wrong…


woow man, she is really pretty! Can you print her out and sent her to my house? haha lol keep it up man, are you going to give her some hair?


How on earth did you line up all those beads? Is it a teture map with a bump, or actual geometry?

The beadwork alone is impressive.


she looks really great, and I mean REALLY great!

I looked at her for a while to find something to comment on… and the only thing of importance I came up with was that the eyes looked a bit to light for me.
here’s a little image to show what I mean.
but this can be personal preference though.

I’ll definitely keep an eye on this thread from now on, work work work :wip:


bigbad, I noticed in some of the pics that I DLed that one of the Maasai had a key on a necklace…I liked it so I stole the idea

Sceme, :slight_smile:

bastiaan, If I could fax her I would :slight_smile:
All the pics I have of Massai women are bald so no hair

3DKnight, all the beads are geometry, Not sure how many but theres alot of polys. Lining them up not that tricky, lots of duplicating along paths etc, quite easy but takes some time.

fellah, thanks m8! I think you where right about the eyes…Iv now changed them, thanks again

heres another small update, I think the final shot will be alot like the renders so far, front on portrait shot…let me know what you think, thanks all :slight_smile:


Somehow reminds me of Antropus work - That mean, I think it’s great, hehe.

Keep it up, you hit the point!


I love those eyes, she has a cute face.


very nice update to the eyes! I really like the eyelashes… maybe you could try to make them a bit longer, to show them of more and make the eyes sexier… but… maybe not, nitpicking… I already think it’s superb so far!

btw, havent seen a wireshoot yet, is it possible to see? :slight_smile:


She’s getting better and better :slight_smile:

post updates on the poo also :b: :wink:



is she single :stuck_out_tongue:


she look really sweet …
i really like this kind of stylised realistic model


Thomas Mahler, Antropus is a star, his eye texturing tut was realy usfull for this (if youre reading this Antropus…thanks!)

Quarob, thanks :slight_smile:

fellah, thanks again m8… Iv got about 5 versions of the eyelashes, ill put a new pair on her when iv got a mo…See link for wire :slight_smile:

azazel, thanks m8

MistaT, ummmmm :wink:

xtrm3d, :slight_smile:

heres a link to a wire shot (sorry about the crappy comprestion)

Ill hopfully post an update soon, thanks all!



cooool :slight_smile: thanks for the wire to, it looks just perfect!


heres another small update, nothing that new other than Iv started texturing the face…

Im not sure about the colour yet (im thinking that maybe shes to red), there is SSS in the render also, I dont think you realy notice it but without it she kinda looked like she was made of chalk :slight_smile:

let me know what you think…good, bad or otherwize