Character--a cavalier


It’s my first time to show my works at here.I know many masters at here.If you want to say something about this picture,please give you suggest.Thank you very much


This picture is the simple cavalier




is this 3d or 2d ? can we see a wire ?

looks nice


I made it in 3dmax,this is a 3d works.


nice work, very moody and barbaric…

I ove fantasy, so you’ll get nothing but compliments from me;):airguitar :bounce: :buttrock:


Hey would you be interested in a job? That is damn good and the high polygon look we are going for. If so contact me.

<michael hughes>


Wow, is that high-poly or what ?! Damn :smiley:

Lei guo : I like the lightning in the first render.
Keep up the good work.

And people look, CG Talk brings people together. :deal:
That’s great.



Looks GREAT. However, and maybe its only a lighting effect, but the anti-cubital area, between the upper and forearms does not look right to me. I lloks like the muscles are attaching to far away from the joint. But so far that is the only thing I could find. This is a wondeful piece.


Another gorgeous one. Great execution. The character design is believable while still fantasy oriented, a nice combo. His expression is well crafted too.


incredibly simple bg but it looks so great

that wire learnt me alot :bounce:




Nice WOrk you need some stars


Very nice …reminds me of an old fantasy Novel cover


WOOOOw :eek:
GREAT, looks like a 2D illustration !!
Great graeat job


Beautiful piece!


that`s truly incredible!:eek: how about posting a (closer)close up of the character so we can see some more details:)


I really love the first render. Nice attention to detail. Although I feel the pic is very monotone and I think it will benefit from a dash of vibrant color. Like maybe his cape is a royal blue or red and the rest is that monotone yellow sepia type you have.

Great work.


I cant see the pictures :confused:
Its a small, red cross >_<

Edit: Sorry, i guess it was temporary
working now… Really nice i must say, great textures and a cool and heroic pose, love it :smiley:


Looks great.

The character has hair in the non-textured render. Why doesn’t he have hair in the final render? It looks really good. I’d like to see it in the final image.