character 3d - freddy kruger


hello , its been a while since i have post here , was really busy at job , but i got some spare time to start this little project , i wanna make freddy ,so here the start i have done .
c&c are welcome .


can’t sleep…can’t …sleeepp

nice !!!:smiley:


really nice work there
u’ve captured his character perfect already imho

nice work indeed


wow It’s so great !!!

No crits here just admirating :slight_smile:

Witch soft ? Did you use Zbrush for scars ?
Plz show us wires !!


Awesome LOL i’ll definitley keep an eye on this.


Damn dude, that’s hot. You definitely got the likeness down.

I always found it slightly amusing that Freddy Kruger felt a hat was necessary.


Wow man its really great Im a fan and I have made a version a long time ago, its was really bad… But your is very cool He look like robert englund, I think its a nice model to use Zbrush since its a bit hard to model burned skin I will follow this thread for sure…keep it up


WOW that really looks like him!
Great work there man!



how many polygon in your model>?


Hey great job koma!!! If you search someone to texture him… please tell me! Hahaha joke!

Bonne journee!


Wow looks really good! the details is superb looks real close to a match :buttrock:

memory serves though I think the ears were gone on Freddy


they are not gone the are a little bit burned but theres a hole in one lobe…


This is looking really good. Is it done in Maya?


This is great.
When will you model Jason??? :wink:


Koma, nice model!

so, what program did you use, or are the scars bump/displace mapped on?


this is truly awesome work…i sense this will head for the front page when completed


thank you all for your answer i will post update soon , i will start is pants soon , and finish is scar too , after what i will start texture and rigging with a friend .i will post update soon as possible . have all a nice week end .

Martyr - thank dude , pat ma parler de toi , content que tu aimes ,j ai pas fini me reste encore pas mal de scratch a lui faire , et effectivement c est tres bon perso pour utiliser zb , je trouve pas meilluer exemple que lui .

limfox_2000 , well the head of robert englund is about 1000 poly (witout sub-d) so with is 4000 . the freddy head is actually 447 000 poly , but i will use it only in normal map on the robert head .

calan , he he , you too have a nice day my love .

EBOLII - actually the ears are not gone they are burn extremely , i should work more on ears and i still need to put more scar .

cg219 thanks , and nope no maya beurk (just joking ), he he , done in xsi and zbrush .

superlayer - thank ya , he he i got it in mind maybe later , freddy was more cool then jason to do but jason stay a really nice character , i have done freddy because of is huge detail on is face and to test it in the pipeline where i work .

CrossFire , the scar are presently model in z brush and they will be normal map or displaced in xsi on my bob head .

robo_obi thank dude , your robot are great too ,im not looking to be on the front page only trying to do my best , pratice pratice and practice , he he .

_dd , sb.zapan , pureprplaya , kgkraeer , MRAY - thanks


Wow thats awsome man!
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Another awesome model , freddy is my favorite :stuck_out_tongue: , cant wait to see what he will look like when your done with him


hello here an update ,still have to work the back of the head and the upper part .