character: 2D illustration


thought I’d share an image I recently finished for some web work, any comments are welcomed :slight_smile:


nice work dude.
The shadow under the nose, however, could end at the black line of the upper lip imho.
I also like the website in your signature! Finally no annoying flash but still style :applause:



Thanks bene.b :slight_smile: I never even noticed that shadow stopped short of the black line, amazing what you miss after seeing the same image for several hours straight :blush:


Good stuff. Nice line quality. i like the Chuck Jonzes/Dr.suess little curl at the corner of the mouth. Keep it up!:applause:


nice and clean - looks like you incorporated some DaVinci curls too!!



woww your so creative

this is a very freaky style!!! love it!


Thanks for the positive replys :thumbsup:


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