character 01, Daria Widermanska-Spala (2D)


Title: character 01
Name: Daria Widermanska-Spala
Country: Poland
Software: Photoshop

This is the first character from my “8 character project” where I draw main characters from my future-written-story. :slight_smile: Her name will probably be Natalie, and you can read about her here: . I just love the way her face came out.

There are also some details that can be seen here: .

For more info about the project, go here: :smiley:

Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos3


Great job. Loved the lighting technique! :thumbsup:


WOW! beautiful and great work again! I love your style! Cheers


I like her costume (she looks cute) and her boots. The sharp highlight behind her is pretty good as well (although doesn’t quite work with the background; could’ve used a shadow for a foreground or surface that she’s standing on). A little more careful with your figure and proportions. Her arms and elbows are quite right, but her legs are okay. My favorite part is her thick frame of dark hair. There’s something about it that makes her unique or describes her character or something (I can’t put my finger on it), but I like it very much. I also like these purple tones you used. Keep it up. Nice work.


I like your character and agree with linainverse23 about the hair. However, I think that her left hand is not in the right position for someone who is walking.


Beautiful work. I liked everything. I think if you could separate the strands of hair would be more interesting. The loose hair gives a more interesting time. Most of all congratulations on delicate illustration


Hi Daria, very nice work! Skin rendering is especially very well executed. Also very nice back lighting/edge around the character.
Nice to see all this great art coming from Poland these days!
Witcher 2 is coming guys!


wow thank you so much guys for all the kind words! :slight_smile:


Fine pieace of work! and good colour theme too.


Simple and beautiful… Great one!


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