char studio rigging/biped problem.


Hi everybody… hope someone pro could help me out with a rigging problem I have… any help would do good…!! pasting a picture with my problem…

as you can see… when the character is rigged and I have submitted all the vertex where I want it to be so all is included… and I then start to move the head… following happends : chin hangs behind… I’ve tried to adjust the weight… wont help me…

second my albows bend instead of going straight… how do I solve this ? what is the adjusters for this called?

thanx for all help u may provide :slight_smile:


Make sure that you actually do have all the vertices selected and properly linked to their respective biped parts. Looks to me like the vertices in the chin simply aren’t linked to anything at all… Otherwise, I got nothing…


they are linked… but thanx anways :wink:


Head verts are often set to rigid, keep playing with the envelopes, creasing, bias, shape - and basically all the physique sub object levels.

And perhaps post your file and hope for expert analysis.



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