Char - Lizardman WIP (Beginner!)


Ok. I’ve been interested in lowpoly modeling for awhile, but I’m terrible at actually doing. I’ve been working off and on a bit on this model, originally started for a game art competition over at CGCHAT. It’s still really early in it’s development, but I just wanted to get advice on what I’m doing wrong, what, if anything, I’m doing right, and what I should be going forwards with next. I know practice is the key, I just don’t want to fall into any bad habits and patterns from the get go. So here’s the concept sketches and WIP shots.

Wow, what a bizarre image attatchment button :slight_smile: Anyways, please, let me have it. Thanks.


This is looking really nice.
Is it a Lizardman from warhammer fantasy?

I would really like to see this finished and textured.
Have you tried smoothing it at all?


Thanks for the comment, was beginning to wonder if I’d get any :slight_smile: The lizardmen from Warhammer were definitely going through my mind. The original concept for the character is based off of the Aztec god Quetzacoaltal (I never spell it right), the Feathered Serpent. Was for an MMORPG monster competition, so was going for a South American headhunter motif. Was going to add feathers and stuff via alpha maps, but now I’m just worried about learning how to get a good flow going with my model. Haven’t tried smoothing it, is intended for game art, do they do that? :slight_smile:


Good start, the proportions look good :thumbsup:

Just a few observations:

I would alter the flow of the edges in the shoulder area to look more like this
There are a few polys in the nose area that arent being used, you should move them around to smooth the nose area a bit.


Great, thanks for the advice. The link looks pretty interesting, digesting it now :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree, Rotate the top snout faces to rounden the snout a little bit.


hey man! i always say any start is a great start. just keep it going …

here is a forum which i think is a great resource to anyone who loves polygon modeling. i’ve certainly learned alot from there. and i’m sure it will help you to understand things even more.

good luck


i like the concept, mabey u can loose some polygons around the waste? there’s 4 rows of edges on top of each other there
i’m not an expert but lately i have learned that making every polygon count is important if you want to model for games. by “count” i mean polygons that add shape or silhouette

keep it up


Yea. I think the hardest thing for me is working out the planes of the model while keeping things in 4’s, that’s usually where I get all these extra rows of geometry from a lot of the time. Since everything is rendered down to tri’s, isn’t it ok to have some tris in it?


Here’s some updates on what I’ve done so far.

The most trouble I’m having is the pecks and shoulder area. It’s a mess right now. I’ve smoothed out the nose a lot, something I’d planned to do but did it sooner because it was really needed :slight_smile: Posting this here has helped a lot to motivate me and get me working, so thanks!


i’d kill some edges in that tail, alot of them aren’t being used, model looks pretty good so far, nice work man!


Kill a whole bunch of the lengthwise edges in the tail and replace them with some cross-wise edgeloops for better definition.

Looking pretty good.

Why are your polys doublesided? That can’t be good unless we’re going to visiting his insides :wink:


Hmm, could you explain that a little more? I don’t know what you mean by cross-wise edge loops. Sorry. :confused: No idea on the doublesided polys either. Guess I better do some reading.


i don’t realy know about the tri thing, i know they can be bad for animation but if you watch their placement you should have no problem

what i’d do is just forget about tri’s and just worry about the design and make the shapes you want
then when you have what you want start looking for a way to clean it up, that works pretty well for me


Ok, ya, that “Why are your polys doublesided” question is really eating at me. I feel like I’ve missed something important. Can anyone shed some light on it for me?


Well here’s an update. I’ve mostly been trying to untangle the shoulder area and make it make sense.


Crap! Yes, I see the 2 5 sided poly’s on the arm :frowning:


Talking to myself here! Anyways, the models getting close to finished I think. I need to reduce the geometry something fierce, sitting at 2232 tris, the original challenge outline was 1250 tris for the base mesh… the challenge is of course over but still, be nice if I could make it work under those parameters. I feel I’ve learned a hell of a lot doing this, and feel fairly good about it right now for my first lowpoly character. Can’t wait to get the model done so I can tackle the challenge of learning UV mapping and texturing. Please, any crits or suggestions, let me know, I’m all ears.



Skeen - don’t worry about the double-sided faces comment.
Ghostscape - These are viewport screenshots from Maya. Maya doesn’t have backface culling on by default, so it shows the backside of the polys. If you’re a max user (or something else), then I can see why you were confused about seeing the other side (max doesn’t show you the other side of the faces, it makes the faces invisible from the back - ‘backface culling’)

So don’t worry Skeen - you’re faces aren’t double sided - they just appear that way in Maya’s viewport.

I don’t know if anyone else clarified this part (didn’t read every reply, just skimmed most of them) but when Jimmy_Dublo suggested you try soothing, I don’t think he was talking about the same kind of smoothing you were thinking he was. I believe he was suggesting you try ‘smoothing groups’. In maya, it’s done with hard/soft edges. It doesn’t add any polys to the model, it just creates the appearance of smoothing everything over. it’ll look a lot nicer. (smoother :wink: )

I don’t own maya (only had it at school) and I don’t remember off-hand what the menu was called that the option is under… So it’s hard for me to point you to it exactly. In the modeling section, either under Polygons or Edit Polygons, and it’s really close to the bottom… something that exends out and another submenu pops out. Look for something that says Hard/Soft Edges or something similar.

Anyways, select all your edges, go to this option and set it above 30 (I think) and see what it looks like. You can tweak individual edges with different numbers (lower numbers are harder edges, higher are smoother) to get a smoother or harder edge. Just play with it to see how it works.

Lets see… Well I can’t think of anything specific to crit. I personally prefer to model hands with the thumb angled down since that’s more of a middle ground between it’s extremes. You’re thumb doesn’t usually bend up much more than it is there (flat, and outstretched) but it can bend in and down a lot, so that’s like modeling it at one extreme instead of in the middle (which is ideal for better deformation when it’s rigged and animated). Of course that’s for a normal human hand and this guy is not a normal human.

The feet are starting to look real good. Good luck with this :slight_smile:


Edit_Polygons —>Normals —>Soften/Harden