Char, ice


thats my pic as of now, i need to do shoulder pads and i need to do a bit of fine tuning on the dark blue areas. and of course a head lol

other then that crits on overall design/things that are off welcome

also note that thats a reference texture, thats by no means the end result as far as texture wise

and the two spikes are eventually going to be wings

oh, and the armor is going to get a nice particle system over it. im going to do a cold air type of particle system over it that should look wonderful. just got allans dvd so i should be able to pull that off :smiley:

comments on overall design, things that could be better, texturing suggestions are most welcome


updated the image as i accidentaly put in the unmeshsmoothed one

comments are most welcome/needed


From your list of up-and-coming additions, I’d say you’re on the right track. Of course, texture-wise, your current color balance and selection lends itself to a more cartoonish look, while the texture design itself (around the hips/forearms) actually looks more H.R. Giger-esque.

I think this will probably be solved with the addition of a head (heh) - but if it weren’t for the orientation of the thumbs I wouldn’t know if I was looking at the front or back. Some breastplating wiould help I think, if that’s something you’re considering.

I think the knees and feet are a tad small/thin, and the hands may benefit from a slight size increase as well.

Definitely coming together though.


actually the textures are just solid blues/black with a glossiness applied to them.

the ice structure as it will be known as when its textured properly is completely hand modeled :wink:

and thanks alot for the size comments, that was definently something i have been trying to get on :slight_smile:

as far as breastplating goes that is going to have a design put on it (im going to model a design there probably later tonight or tommorow) and the shoulder pads are going to be kinda legend of dragoonish style

ul see what i mean soon :wink:

the textures on there right now are just reference textures, designed to give contrast to the different parts of the body


just a little update true, but i think its worth posting

i added some depth to the legs as well as redid the entire chest so that it looks right w/ wings

crits welcome :slight_smile:

oh , and for reference i plan on redoing the very bottom dark blue armor as well. as i think the shape doesnt look right anymore. anyone disagree? :shrug:

oh btw, notice the center of the chest armor isnt welded lol


another update

i corected more aesthetics flaws, and tommorow im going to work heavily on the wings

let me know what you think of this model so far

i think im doing the definintion of a “good model” justice… hopefully since this is only my 2nd one lol

oh, and once again no opacity maps are being used right now or anything along those lines

these are simply solid textures, the rest is modeling :slight_smile:


200 views and only one reply =/

comon guys!


have been working on a head, will post soon


Would be good to get a view with the ice texture on a piece, as it is hard to imagine the look with it applied from solid color textures. Ice usually has some kind of translucence/subsurface scattering to it which has a big impact on the looks…

Also, are the legs supposed to be armored/covered? They look kind of balloony right now, which is ok, if it’s a cartoony character.


yes the legs are supposed to be armored, hence why they are kinda “balooney” lol

those textures arent by any means final or even resemblent of the final ones.

they are merely there right now as to kinda give an idea of the different parts im using in this image

what do u mean by a piece? if you want a pic of the ice parts alone then i can do that but when u say piece i dont know what u mean :sad:

thanks tho for the comments, i appreciate them and more are always welcome

and this char is going for a semi realistic look, but at the same time its going to keep to its fantasy roots

youl see what i mean when im done texturing :slight_smile:


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