char: British Marine for


Hiya fellas
Heres my low poly british marine for the battlegrounds mod ( c&c welcome!
on u can find some more pics from before and othe stuff.


unwrap done gave it to a skinner, will skin em maybe too.


got a small update, couldnt find time to do something more yet.

i would be glad 4 c&c


well small update, have not much time, hair and ear are just placeholder, alpha works already.


Ignurum, very nice work with that polygon budjet!


ty, hope to do once that good mid poly models like you. For HL 2 then.


I’m not a game modeler, I use to model huge objects without taking care in polycount, so this Chamberlain model is starting to be a head-ache, speacially because of the UV’s… :banghead: Normally I apply UVs here and there, but never for all the object


hehe jeah thats quite a difference.

well peeps, my servers updating, so youve to wait a little (perhaps 1 hour? :smiley: )


Very nice work on this model it holds the texture very well while being extremely economical, good form and proportions to make a solid budget character.


thanks man,

just saw still 8 tris to delete :smiley:


nice start, im anxious to see the final result.

here some tips, maybe it helps you:

  • for this low polycount you have wasted many polys for his collar and the thickness of his jacket (bellyarea). you can better paint the tickness on the textur and nobody will see it.
  • the economized faces you can use for his face to work out his cheekbones and let stand out his chin.
  • try to make his face more reddish instead of pink
  • use red in his middle face area and blue in his lower part - it will look more naturally.
  • paint some preshading on the texture for his face to give it more plasticity - shadow under his nose, lower lipp, under his chin and neck


woow thanks alot matey! that helps alot

jeah that with the thickness of the jacket and the collar… i recognized that shortly too.
well im not very good in skinning, and your tipps will help me very much.


as i said i added some more polies to the head, so that it looks also in perspective quite correct (well more correct than before). Skin is still in wip and will get more reddish.
102 tris now


It will be great to have 3 more polys in each ear :thumbsup:


how d ya mean?

i ill going to use alpha maps


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