Char : A cat on my Mecha ??


Hi there! :thumbsup:

Here is an illustration i made for fun.
Hope you like it !!

Current picture :

Sketch :

First colours :


More colours :

That’s all for the moment :


…cool :slight_smile:


I really like this concept :)!!!

A sentimental touch to the rough world of mecha!!!:thumbsup:
Try and adding more detail will ya? :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work


Thanks for the comments guys !

Yep, here is some details…
Hope you like it!
I will changed the expression of the girl later.


Hi, the only thing I see is that the green light looks like paint, not lighting. And personally, I’d give the hand a fingerlink more.


Hi Danisud… right about the green light… i probably will work again on it…
Ouch it dosn’t seems to be finished



Thanks for the step by step. I hadn’t noticed that the cat was on an outstretched hand until I saw the picture develop. I prefer the girl’s eyes without the white – gives her a more girlish look, as though she’s using the giant mecha suit to rescue her kitty from the tree. Either way it’s really nice work.


More research of colours and lighting…

Not easy to understand this bloody colours


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