Chapters and Chapter meetings - What's happening?


It’s been over a year since the Inaugural CGSociety Australian Chapter Meeting and there are still no new official chapters around the world, nor have there been any more officially announced meetings. Right now the only organised meetings I’ve seen are the unofficial sketchgroups.
Since the Ballistic and CGS team are extremely busy with new books and new opportunities, what can we as members organise? Should we be relying on official organisation, or just work it out together?
The main issue right now is Australia is a big place. We have members dotted all over, with a large concentration in Sydney and Melbourne. Do we want to organise an Australian meet, or just stick to our city microspheres?

What do you want to SEE at a meeting?
Who do you want to meet?
WHERE do you want to meet?

Do we always want to attach ourselves to other conferences (DMF etc). I vaguely remember Leo speaking about organising our own conference.

As to the INTERNATIONAL chapters, shouldn’t we start opening up more official forums?

I’d like to see people more! :slight_smile:


OPB Martin: The main issue right now is Australia is a big place.

Personally I think the answer lies in shrinking Australia. This can be accomplished by a number of methods, such as increasing the Global Warming rate, whereby parts of AUS will simply melt off.

Erm…sorry Martin. :smiley:


I’m sure the sane residents of Australia would have a problem with that solution.


Especially those of us living on the beach front.


It’s hot enough as it is :frowning: and we’re running out of fresh drinking water too.


I’m not the kind of person to use the word “Bump”, but Paul, is anything going down in this area?


Hey Martin,

I love the idea of organising some sort of meet. I’m just a little concerned as to the amount of people that would get involved. This thread has been up almost nine months and not a lot of replies. Surely there must be heaps of local talent that would be interested in this, it would just be a case of somehow making them aware.
Personally i love the idea. I also noticed that there is a sketch group in melbourne that meets on sundays in the city. I may have to check this out. Sounds cool!


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